Feb 2, 2012

Interrupting the spread of violence: 2012 Summit features Dr. Gary Slutkin, founder of Ceasefire

Violence as disease? That’s what the geographic clustering of violence in neighborhoods resembles. And to stop the spread of violence, epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin and his colleagues at Ceasefire (founded by Dr. Slutkin as an initiative of the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention) have promoted a shift toward the view of violence as an epidemic and placed the emphasis on finding solutions to end it. Ceasefire employs data-driven human intervention techniques to manage risk and stop the spread of violence in communities. Project methods focus heavily on outreach workers hired from the community, clergy outreach, public education and community responses—all, working toward changing norms and providing realistic alternatives. First results of CeaseFire  show an average of 45% reduction in shootings in the five neighborhoods, with some neighborhoods showing up to 67% reductions.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Slutkin will give the plenary address on Saturday, April 14 at the 2012 GlobeMed Global Health Summit. Through his work with Ceasefire and more, Dr. Slutkin has demonstrated an intuition for seeing new ways to shift  old paradigms and achieve results. Dr. Slutkin is a physician trained in medicine, infectious disease control and reversing epidemics. He also serves as a Professor of Epidemiology and International Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health and as a senior advisor to the World Health Organization.

The Chicago Project has been given the highest national level award of the U.S. Department of Justice, and has been featured on radio, television and the print media. Ceasefire was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Best NGO’s by The Global Journal.

In particular, the work of Ceasefire is the focus of the documentary “The Interrupters,” which follows three of the organization’s Violence Interrupters as they intervene in conflicts before they explode into violence.

Below, check out the trailer for the “The Interrupters” and an interview with Ameena Matthew on The Colbert Report, speaking about her work as a Violence Interrupter.

Written by Jill Shah


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