Feb 27, 2012

“Toilet Talk” with GlobeMed at Bethel

It’s estimated that 91% of the population in the province of Svay Rieng, Cambodia lacks access to a sanitary toilet.  GlobeMed at Bethel is partnered with the Cambodian organization Rural Economic Development Association, or REDA, and we’re working with them to help raise money for clean water pumps and toilets for the Svay Rieng province. Together, in June, we hope to install about 20 toilets and some water pumps as the province also suffers from lack of clean water.

When three toilets were donated to us from an old apartment building last fall, we knew they were going to relate perfectly to this year’s campaign. During our staff training day in the beginning of January, we divided up into three teams and had a little friendly competition to see who could decorate their teams toilet most creatively.  Each toilet had a theme for the teams to work off of: sustainability, change, and poverty. The catch?  The teams were only allowed to use their imaginations, and some decorations already purchased for them from Jo-Ann fabrics.  Imaginations were very key.

Decorating toilets and planting them around campus is not your run-of-the-mill awareness campaign – which is exactly why we did it.  We’re hoping that this will spark “Toilet Talk,” our name for informative discussions about water sanitation. For our upcoming campaign in March, we plan on setting these toilets out in various places around our school, like the library, in front of the dining center, and in the commons area.  GlobeMed staff members will be sitting by them to answer any questions students might have.  We’ll also be handing out slips of paper, explaining our organization, our mission, and how people can learn more about us.

Our goal is to use this creative campaign to raise awareness about GlobeMed at Bethel during our inaugural year. Hopefully we can continue to use the toilets as a tag to remind people of what we’re doing and how they can help.
To learn more about GlobeMed at Bethel and their partnership with REDA, check out this video around their campaign.

Written by Emily Anderson, Bethel University ’14


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