Mar 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup: March 23, 2012

Good morning, readers! Last week we held a wonderful GROW Training Retreat in Boston – look forward to pictures soon! The last retreat of the year starts tomorrow in Washington D.C. These retreats have been great opportunities for fun, learning, and ideas-sharing about GROW, and above is a photo of one of the many discussions that took place at the retreats. Thanks so much to all those involved, students, speakers, and National Office staff alike. Have a lovely weekend!


Arcade Fire speaks to students at UT-Austin about music and philanthropy.

GlobeMed at Penn State is hosting their 5th Annual Global Health Conference this weekend! Take a look at the schedule here.

Dr. Joia Mukherjee of Partners in Health will be speaking at Vanderbilt on Health, Social Justice, and Haiti after the Earthquake today at 4:30 PM CST. To tune in via web conference, make sure to reserve your spot!

GlobeMed at George Washington University is hosting a benefit dinner tomorrow evening for their partner organization, Rwanda Village Concept Project.


Check out this article from the Lancet on the state of health in Southeast Asia.

Is America causing a medical brain drain abroad?

Poverty is high in Japan but remains well-hidden.


Any remaining media from World Day of Social Justice can be uploaded on our WDSJ 2012 tumblr.


If you have any questions, comments, or requests for the Weekly Roundup, send them to [email protected].


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