Sep 17, 2012

GlobeMed at Tufts: Harnessing the power of students for Nyaya Health

Last weekend at GlobeMed’s sixth annual Leadership Institute (LI), along with leaders from chapters across the network, I reflected on our immense potential and power as students with a series of meaningful human relationships. The timing was perfect, as I had just been fully immersed in our partner’s operations through my GROW internship. Furthermore, Nyaya Health had begun mobilizing others to vote for progress in Nepal through the Chase Community Giving Challenge. If my GlobeMed batteries were already charged going into LI, they were ignited by the end of the weekend.

In GlobeMed, we constantly discuss how we can leverage our unique resources as students to advance health equity efforts around the world in solidarity with our partners. This theme surfaced session after session at LI, and I could not help but think that the Chase campaign was an ideal opportunity for our network to tangibly display its strength. With 1,500 GlobeMed students across the nation, each with their own set of networks, we can electrify Nyaya’s campaign to convert $250,000 into 5 clinics and improved overall access to health care in Nepal.

In just one night, Michelle Shah, our chapter’s innovative Communications Director, created a simple Facebook group and invited friends to vote. That night, votes for Nyaya spiked by 1,000. This was just by engaging our chapter’s personal connections through a platform quite familiar to students — Facebook.

So, I call upon our network of 1,500 to reach out to at least 50 friends to vote for Nyaya. The math is simple. If everyone in the network votes, successfully drawing in these 50 people, and everyone gets an extra vote, that’s 150,000 votes. More importantly, it’s a winning message to our partners and the world about the power of human relationships in a student network.

Written by Hafsa Chaudhry, co-president of GlobeMed at Tufts University

Photo credit: Nyaya Health

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