Nov 16, 2012

Weekly Roundup: November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and hopefully everyone has something to be thankful for. Check out this week’s roundup for plenty of things to be thankful for, both in the network and on the web.

In the network

GlobeMed at Tufts is analyzing data to help their partner, Nyaya Health. Read their blog to find out more about this amazing partnership.

Last week GlobeMed at Georgetown held their first annual benefit dinner.

Speaking of Georgetown: their partner, Primeros Pasos, just launched their new website!

GlobeMed at Columbia’s HillTop was a big success — here’s Columbia’s blog post about the first day.

On the web

The Gates Foundation writes about how we can use social networks to improve global health.

With the fiscal cliff looming, here’s a look at how the fiscal cliff and possible sequestration could affect U.S. international aid.

The Guardian explores how climate — and climate change — can affect people’s health.

From us

Excited for the 2013 GlobeMed Summit? Check out our blog post about the summit, and be sure to mark your calendars — April 11-13. This year’s theme is “The Student Momentum.” We’ll see you there!

GlobeMed at Columbia’s HillTop explored the ways a movement can grow from person to person. After the HillTop, GlobeMed summer intern Paul Vergara reflected on grassroots mobilization in a blog post.



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