Apr 2, 2014

Making the Most of Summit

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With Summit only a day away, we want to share some tips for making the most out of this conference! Summit is a huge experience, not only for delegates but also for our network as a whole. Whether you will be in Evanston this weekend or following from home, check out our advice for getting the most out of Summit.

For Delegates:

1. Be an active participant: There are amazing speakers and workshops happening throughout the weekend – make sure to show up both physically and mentally. Don’t simply passively receive information, but actively engage with Summit content! Take notes, ask questions, find key takeaways, reflect.

2. Engage on social media: Take photos; post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; engage with our speakers and Social Media Corps. A robust social media presence will strengthen dialogue and add another layer of depth to Summit conversations. Plus, the more social media the easier it is for non-delegates to access Summit!

3. Make friends and give hugs: An observer of Summit once commented, “I’ve never been to a conference with so little networking and so much hugging.” You are going to meet amazing people at Summit. Meet new friends, give hugs, stay in contact.

For Non-Delegates:

1. Communicate with your delegates: The delegates from your chapter are attending Summit as representatives of your chapter. To best leverage their experiences for the whole chapter, engage with them before, during, and after Summit! Make sure to set expectations for what they should get out of the weekend and how they should collect and communicate information. After Summit, make sure to debrief with delegates about their experiences!

2. Read about the speakers: Even if you won’t be at the sessions themselves, you should still read about the awesome lineup of Summit speakers. Check out the program for a full list of speakers and read about some of the awesome things our keynote speakers have done.

3. Follow social media: Make sure to follow our Social Media Corps and the official GlobeMed Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. This is the best way to keep up in real time about what is happening at Summit and participate in the major conversations.

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