May 16, 2016

GlobeMed graduate recognized by President Obama!

At yesterday’s Official Rutgers University Commencement, President Barack Obama recognized one of our very own graduates, Madison Little, for his work in GlobeMed! Check out the clip at 43:28 to hear President Obama’s shoutout to Madison and GlobeMed at Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

“Look at somebody like Madison Little, who grew up dealing with some health issues, and started wondering what his care would have been like if he lived someplace else, and so, here at Rutgers, he took charge of a student nonprofit and worked with folks in Australia and Cambodia and Uganda to address the AIDS epidemic.  ‘Our generation has so much energy to adapt and impact the world,’ he said.  ‘My peers give me a lot of hope that we’ll overcome the obstacles we face in society.’”

Find the full transcript here.

Congratulations Madison & to all of our graduates who are graduating this month! We are so proud of you all!!

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