Feb 21, 2017

Celebrating the World Day of Social Justice in 2017!

Yesterday, we commemorated the World Day of Social Justice (#WDSJ). Since 2009, this annual occasion has called on us all to reflect and collaborate on issues relating to poverty, equity and inclusion. At GlobeMed, we have always respected and valued the meaning of the WDSJ. As a network of students, alumni, partners and donors working to improve global health equity, we understand that social justice requires the input and output of every person and social group in our global community.

This year, we marked the WDSJ in two specific ways:

– The launch of the Kingian Dinner Series

– Chapter Activities and Reflection

Kingian Dinner Series I

The 2017 WDSJ theme is ‘preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work’ which has common threads with our Kingian Dinner Series. GlobeMed developed the concept based on inspiration from Jeffersonian Dinners. Kingian Dinners are similar, but also honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and center dialogue around issues related to social justice, racial equity, and the ‘Kingian Principles of Nonviolence’.

The first Kingian Dinner took place place on February 19, the day before the WDSJ. Hosted by GlobeMed Executive Director Alyssa Smaldino and GlobeMed at Loyola alumnus Gerald Guevarra, Gerald’s childhood home served as a backdrop for communication and connection over food, music and common interests in social justice and non-violent resistance.

Here is a teaser video about the event:

GlobeMed Kingian Dinner 1

Why is social justice important in the 21st century?Today we celebrate the World Day of Social Justice. We have some amazing activities planned by chapters all over our network and are excited to share these with you later today. Keep your eye on the GlobeMed Blog. The 2017 WDSJ theme is ‘preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work'. This has common threads with our #KingianDinnerSeries, the first of which took place last night. Here is a teaser.#WDSJ #GlobeMed

Posted by GlobeMed on Monday, February 20, 2017


The first Kingian Dinner was a great success! Here is some of the social media engagement on the #KingianDinnerSeries:

Thanks to Gerald and Alyssa for hosting the inaugral Kingian Dinner. You can also host a Kingian Dinner at your home or other convenient location. For more information, email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Kingian Dinner Series’.

Chapter Activities and Reflection

There were some amazing initiatives and activities planned by our student chapters all over the GlobeMed network. Scroll through the social media posts below to see their ideas about what social justice means:

The participation from students was absolutely phenomenal to see. Many of their ideas centered around engaging with other students on their campus, widening the scope of awareness and engagement. One chapter’s prompt was: “Let’s create a world where…” Another chapter hosted a panel discussion about immigration, political outcomes, and the impact on healthcare in America. From documentary screenings, to public ghUs and installations, this WDSJ proved just how far GlobeMedders will go to advance the cause for global health.

We also asked students: Why is social justice important in the 21st century?

While the answers are still rolling in, we’d like to share this perspective from Mohammad Chhipa from GlobeMed at CCNY: “Social justice is important because proactive measures are often the only way to bring quick change where it is needed. Opportunity should not be forced rather it should be presented available to those who want it. Yet some people are pushed into a lifestyle without seeking alternatives.”

Our hope is that we can all take action and provide alternatives to the injustice and inequity that we see in the world. With your constant enthusiasm and support, we hope to continue the fight for social justice and global health equity every single day.

Thank you all for joining us for an amazing #WDSJ!


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