Jun 29, 2017

Summer Intern Series: Meg Martin, Communications & Operations

This summer, we’re excited to welcome five interns to Global Headquarters! Hailing from four GlobeMed chapters from across the country, these interns will serve as integral parts of GlobeMed’s work as we expand our technology platforms, grow our communications and partnerships strategy, and gear up for another year of chapter engagement and support.

Our fifth summer intern at Global Headquarters is Meg Martin, who will be working with the Communications and Operations teams. She is deeply passionate about women’s health and reproductive rights, and believes that education and resources are fundamental to advancing those rights not only in the United States, but also internationally. Through her sorority and multicultural a cappella group, she has found spaces that celebrate the agency of women and girls, and has built relationships with women who have demonstrated their own power and independence in inspiring ways.

Meg Martin

University: University of Michigan
Major/sInternational Studies and Communications
Year: 2019
HometownLake Forest, Illinois

What is your story?

I grew up in a Northern suburb of Chicago and decided to live up to my Midwestern roots by attending the University of Michigan. As a rising junior, I’ve finally settled on a double major in communications and international studies, which has deepened my interest in the impact of media on people’s understanding of the global issues. 

A two-week global heath program at USC, focusing on environmental health and sustainability was my first real gaze into global health and disparity. As a junior at Lake Forest High School, I connected with a woman who worked closely with an organization in Uganda and gave presentations to our class. I was inspired by her work and decided to take action by raising funds, using the proceeds to donate a LifeStraw Community Water Purifier. It was defining moment for me to realize that, through my own determination and commitment, I made a contribution in my own way that made a difference to a community thousands of miles away.

Besides its unrivaled school spirit, the University of Michigan has presented me with an overwhelming number of opportunities to think globally. From becoming involved in the  Michigan Refugee Assistance Program to taking part in the fun fundraising events hosted by the GlobeMed at University of Michigan chapter, my classmates’ passion to participate in humanitarian efforts has been refreshing. I can’t wait to further evolve this summer with the help of GlobeMed.

How has GlobeMed fit into that picture up to this point? What roles have you played in your chapter?

Although I’ve only been to a few meetings, I’ve attended many GlobeMed chapter fundraising events. I’m looking forward to becoming more involved this fall and bringing back what I learn this summer.

What’s your role at Global Headquarters this summer?

I will be taking on a hybrid role in communications and operations. My larger projects will include developing a social media analytics dashboard to increase our understanding of GlobeMed audiences. I will also be developing public relations strategies and consistent messaging that can be used across multiple platforms, like the GlobeMed website. Lastly, I will be managing and facilitating the Community Champions Collaboratory design project, which will compile research and opinions of those in the GlobeMed network to create a new communication platform.

What personal significance does GlobeMed’s mission bring to you?

Last semester, I took a class on global health with my favorite professor at Michigan thus far. Oftentimes, people assume that the field of global health is purely determined by the physical health of those in a community. Global health, however, is determined by social, political, and economic structures. It’s an interdisciplinary field that will take more than developing better medical infrastructure. It will take progress to alleviate every dimension that contributes to poverty. GlobeMed’s work is awesome because it’s combating poverty from every angle by supporting different kinds of grassroots organizations. It aims to empower those in less developed communities to make change for themselves, such as by funding schools, small businesses, or environmental sustainability projects rather than having others intervene. That philosophy really resonated with me.

What are you studying? Do you know what you’d like to do in the future, and if your studies will relate?

As a double major in Communications and International Studies, there is an overwhelming amount of fields I can choose to go into. This summer I hope to learn more about PR and social media analytics, and I am hoping that this internship experience with help me narrow my interests a little bit. International development and policy has always interested me. However, between going into policy or PR and business, my career path is still unknown!

What are you most excited about doing in a new city for the summer?

Summer always gets me excited to spend time on the lake and eat a lot of good food with friends.

Words: Meg Martin. Photo: Balungile Belz

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