Jul 7, 2017

#GROWCommunity17: Meet Nai Boy

Author: Michelle Rodriguez

Pictured above are Nai Boy, 26, and his four-year-old daughter. Ten years ago when his parents divorced, Nai Boy left Myanmar and came to Thailand to find a job and have a better life. On New Years Eve of 2015, he was in a motorcycle accident and was not able to be compensated since his motorcycle did not have any warranty. After his accident, Nai Boy was admitted to the hospital for 4 months, and was told he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Every two weeks, he must get his urine bag changed at the Hang Dong hospital, and he occasionally goes in for physical therapy. Nai Boy is no longer able to work, so his wife supports the family and pays rent, school fees, and her husband’s medical fees. MAP helps provide transportation and translation services for Nai Boy during his hospital visits. Despite everything, his daughter gives him hope and she is the apple of his eye.

GlobeMed Chapter: GlobeMed at Emory University
Partner Organization: Migrant Assistance Program (MAP) Foundation
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Name of GROW Coordinator: Michelle Rodriguez

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