Jul 14, 2017

#GROWCommunity17: Mrs. Toch Mabb

Mrs. Toch Mabb is the CSV (Community Support Volunteer) for her community. She sells palm tree fruit as well as vegetables and coconuts. Her husband climbs trees for her in order to collect the palm tree fruit. She currently sells at markets and villages near Male and Female Mountain in Kampong Cham. Her customers are locals who are loyal to her business. Mrs. Mabb makes about $5/day from the palm tree fruit and vegetables and $20/month as the CSV for the Financing Futures project. She runs her business from 6am – 12pm. She is worried for her income because the palm trees near her home are being cut down. She currently only has one bicycle to transport her to and from the market and to collect fruit. She hopes to learn how to make ice cream to sell that. Her husband makes a supplemental income of about $10/day by a labor job loading wood into trucks. She has ten children ages: 6, 8, 9, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16 and 18. Only one of the children, aged 8, is receiving the Mekong Kampuchea Kids (MKK) scholarship to attend school. He goes to school everyday around 5am in the morning. He helps around the home with chores after school but does not assist with the business. The 18 year old dropped out of school in the sixth grade in order to help with the business. Mrs. Toch Mabb has had her business for seven years now but received a loan with BSDA in May 2016 that she paid off in full. She received a second loan from BSDA in March 2017. With her current income, the money has not been enough to support her family fully.

GlobeMed Chapter: GlobeMed at University of Denver
Partner Organization: Buddhism For Social Development & Action (BSDA)
Location: Kampong Cham, Cambodia
Name of GROW Coordinator: Natalie McMillan

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