Jul 27, 2017

Applications Open: 2017 – 2018 Student Fellowship Program

We are excited to announce six new open fellowship positions at GlobeMed Global Headquarters for 2017 – 2018! If you are a student at Northwestern University or Loyola University and believe in GlobeMed’s mission, we want to work with you. 

Priority applications will be accepted through August 14, 2017 and regular applications will be accepted through August 25, 2017. Please follow the links below full position descriptions, responsibilities, qualifications, and more information about the application process.

Open Positions

1. Administrative & Research Fellow

2. Communications Fellow(s)

3. Events Fellow(s)

4. Network Engagement Fellow

5. Partnerships Fellow(s)

6. Systems & Operations Fellow

Who We Are

GlobeMed envisions a world in which every human has the opportunity to live a healthy life. To act on this vision, GlobeMed advances the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty.

GlobeMed was founded ten years ago by a group of students who sought to challenge the status quo. Frustrated by the global engagement options offered on their campuses, they created a new model to partner with grassroots leaders who are already working to unleash the potential of their own communities. In the past decade GlobeMed students have invested nearly $3 million in local health initiatives across 19 countries while challenging mainstream perceptions of young people’s capabilities.

Today, GlobeMed harnesses the passion and curiosity of university students by engaging them in a transformative learning process to build the confidence, courage and long-term commitment needed to become leaders for health equity. GlobeMed maintains 59 university chapters, each of which partners with one grassroots partner in Africa, Asia and the Americas.  These partnerships take learning into the communities around the world to help undergraduate students develop essential skills and perspectives needed to advance the movement for global health equity.

GlobeMed’s core programs create a community of peers deeply ensconced in the conversation surrounding health equity and social justice. These programs include:

globalhealthU: Signature global health and leadership curriculum

Leadership Institute: Annual training event for chapter leadership

Summit: Annual network-wide global health conference

Grassroots On-Site Work (GROW): International internship program

GROW Institute: Comprehensive in-person pre-departure training for GROW

Partner Forum: Regional gathering of grassroots partners

Learn more in our 10th Year Impact Report.

Our Values

GlobeMed’s Global Headquarters team members are committed to building a world where every person has the opportunity to thrive no matter where they are born. We believe that advancing global health equity requires an on-going commitment to anti-oppression, inclusion, racial equity, and social justice. We seek to embody the 21st century leadership practices that inform our organizational programs and culture:

1. Dig deep: To cultivate wisdom, we approach ourselves, our communities, and the world with openness and curiosity.

2. See possibility: In all people and situations, we see the ability to learn, connect, and contribute to positive change.

3. Grow together: We accompany each other, cultivating an inclusive global community that inspires, challenges, and sustains us.

4. Be brave: We put mission in front of ego and fear, doing what it takes to make the change the world needs.

5. Follow through: We keep our promises and act with the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

6. Stay authentic: We let ourselves be known, remaining grounded and humble even as we aim for the boldest vision.

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