Aug 30, 2017

Letter to the GlobeMed Network

Dear friends and GlobeMedders,

We condemn the awful events in Charlottesville – racism, anti-semitism, bigotry, and xenophobia – because they have no place in any country.

But, it is too easy to simply state that we oppose the people and groups that promote these worldviews (the alt-right, KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, etc), because these beliefs and worldviews are diametrically opposed to everything GlobeMed values and promotes.

What is harder, but what we must do, is address our current cognitive dissonance and passivity, and take a more active role in rooting out the systemic injustice that exists not only in our own backyard, but also across the world. And this is what we do at GlobeMed – we aspire to create leadership skills to root out injustices.

GlobeMed is built on the fundamental belief that every human life has equal worth. We are united by our unwavering commitment to social justice – to ensuring that all people, everywhere, have equitable opportunity, power, and resources to thrive.

We achieve these goals by investing in our students and grassroots partners, and providing them with the values, skills, resources, and knowledge to improve the health and wellbeing of ALL people living around the world.

And every day, you – our network – achieve these goals by building relationships with one another, as students and partners, by hosting difficult conversations in your ghU sessions, and by participating in Grassroots Onsite Work (GROW) and gaining important tools to collaborate and communicate. And through this lived experience you spread love and respect for all people, everywhere.

We’re taking a long-term view of the solution, creating change from within the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s leaders. This approach requires an unwavering commitment to human rights and an ongoing investment in promoting the policies and people that share our vision of the future.

What happened in Virginia, and incidents that take place every day in the United States and around the world, are a terrible reminder of how much work remains to be done.

But in contrast, the commitment and actions of you, our students and our grassroots partners, are a continuous reminder of the critically important work we’re doing.  Host or attend (and bring a friend) this ghU session on campus. Challenge one another. Be critical, thoughtful, and do so in a constructive and peaceful manner. Organize an alumni hub gathering to amplify these conversations. Spend time connecting with our partners to see how their voices and vision drive community change.

At GlobeMed, we invest in the potential of all people, everywhere. And now, more than ever, this investment remains strong.

In solidarity,

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