Mar 8, 2018

GlobeMed Partners Advancing Women’s Health

This International Women’s Day, March 8, we set the spotlight on some GlobeMed partners from across the network whose work contributes to improving women’s health!

Set Her Free, Uganda | GlobeMed at The George Washington University

Set Her Free (SHF) is a non-profit that strives to empower women of Uganda to become self-sustaining by providing a safe environment, vocational training and counseling. Founded in 2011 by Robinah Muganzi and Robin Nestler – two women who believe that every girl should be given the opportunity for a better future – SHF offers vocational training in hairdressing, tailoring, bead-making, manicures/pedicures and is currently developing a catering program as well. SHF also offers housing and food, finds sponsors for girls enrolled in formal education and most importantly creates a welcoming community where the girls feel safe and loved.

Interesting Fact: GlobeMed at The George Washington University and Set Her Free have been partnered since 2014.

Wuqu’ Kawoq, Guatemala | GlobeMed at the University of Texas at Austin

Wuqu’ Kawoq is a non-governmental organization that provides quality healthcare to some of Guatemala’s most impoverished communities. Wuqu’ Kawoq’s approach is particularly important in their environment as they address and attempt to overcome cultural barriers to health, such as language and access. They are able to fuse medicine and their solutions to these healthcare hindrances to become “the first and only health organization in Guatemala that provides high-quality healthcare in Mayan languages”. Wuqu’ Kawoq has a diverse team of physicians, doctors, linguistics, and community health care workers that helps respectfully and sustainably contribute to the huge impact they have in the many communities they serve.

Interesting Fact: Wuqu’ Kawoq is especially skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, which is a leading cause of death in Guatemala.

Kachin Women’s Association Thailand, Thailand | GlobeMed at Dartmouth College

Five women formed the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) in Chiang Mai in 1999 to support and empower women and children who have left their homes in the Kachin State of Burma and have crossed the Thai-Burmese border into Thailand due to political, economic, and social deterioration. KWAT’s mission is the empowerment and advancement of Kachin women in order to improve the lives of women and children in Kachin society. The GlobeMed chapter at Dartmouth College was drawn to KWAT’s emphasis on women and children’s rights, health, and education, and their grassroots, community-based model. Since their partnership began in the fall of 2014, GlobeMed at Dartmouth has raised over $25,000 to support KWAT’s Health Program.

Interesting Fact: There are approximately 1–2 million Burmese refugees and illegal migrants in Thailand, of which 120,000 live in camps on the Thai–Burmese border.

Social Action for Women, Thailand | GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati

Social Action for Women (SAW) was founded on June 25, 2000 to assist displaced women from Burma who were in crisis situations after having fled to Thailand. Due to Burma’s long history of oppressive military rule and ongoing ethnic conflict, migrants and refugees have continued to flee to neighboring countries in search of security and opportunity. SAW is based in Mae Sot and initially supported women facing difficulties through the provision of shelter, health education, rights awareness, counseling, and vocational training. Since then, SAW has expanded its focus population to include men and children in Burmese communities along the Thai-Burma border. Currently, SAW has over 20 growing programs aimed at caring for and educating Burmese migrants and refugees in the Mae Sot and Phop Phra districts.

Interesting Fact: In 2008, SAW was one of 25 organizations worldwide to receive the Red Ribbon Award from the United Nations Development Programme for providing outstanding HIV prevention, treatment and education on a grassroots level.

Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization, Uganda | GlobeMed at Columbia University

GWED-G aims to strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities in Northern Uganda to become self-reliant agents of change for peace and development through training and education for them to make effective decisions concerning their rights, health, and development. With a large proportion of the Ugandan population under the age of 25, economic empowerment and sustainable change. Since 2008, GlobeMed at Columbia has raised over $75,000 to support GWED-G’s projects.


GlobeMed chapters across the United States and in Rwanda support 56 partner organizations working to build healthier communities across 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. We salute you for the tremendous work you do, and are honored to support you.

Today, we remember the women and allies who are committed to shaping a world with health equity. Thank you!

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