Jun 19, 2018

Summer Intern Series: Maggie Pankowska

This summer, we’re excited to welcome five interns to Global Headquarters! Hailing from four GlobeMed chapters from across the country, these interns will serve as integral parts of GlobeMed’s work as we expand our technology platforms, grow our communications and partnerships strategy, and gear up for another year of chapter engagement and support.

Meet Programs Intern, Maggie Pankowska!

Chapter: GlobeMed at Northeastern
Major:  Joint Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Masters of Public Health degree program
Year: 5th year
Hometown: Jaskowice, Poland/Garfield, NJ/New Paltz, NY

What’s your story?
I like to think that a person’s story, or at least the most interesting and character revealing parts of a person, are not only a list of facts or preferences that we identify ourselves with but also what or who inspires us to wake up every morning. I find myself most inspired when speaking to strangers about what brought them to the same place and the same time as myself. I found much of this inspiration during my solo backpacking trip across the Balkans earlier this summer. In each new city I visited, I was able to sit down for dinner and an engaging conversation with someone from a different corner of a world. It’s during these conversations, with strangers-turned-friends, that I was able to explore just how much the country, culture, and background that we were born into shaped our stories. Naturally, many of our exchanges always turned to comparing our experiences. As someone who grew up in both Poland and the US, I was in a position where I related to other European travelers as well as North American travelers, but I did not fully relate to the one or the other. For the longest time, that’s what growing up as an immigrant has felt like to me — always straddling two cultures. However, I’ve always had a great appreciation for the fact that growing up in two different countries has allowed me to look at things through different lenses. With each new place I travel to, my perspective widens. Regardless of where I am, I have always found people who are willing to sit down for a conversation and inspire me a little bit more.

What are you studying? Do you know what you’d like to do in the future, and if your studies will relate?
I was just recently accepted into Northeastern University’s BS/MPH program! While I was planning on applying for the program for a while, in the last couple months my focus of what I want my future career to look like and allow me to do has greatly changed. I shifted my focus from the goal of working in a clinical setting to working in a collaborative global health setting. That’s doesn’t mean I’m saying “no” to Med school/PA school, I’m simply saying maybe, or later. I want the foreseeable future of my 20’s to be focused on working with others who are also committed to achieving global health equity.

How has GlobeMed fit into that picture up to this point? What roles have you played in your chapter?
The GlobeMed at Northeastern University chapter has been an extremely large part of shaping my undergraduate experience. Both within my chapter and as a network, it has allowed to connect with people who have inspired me the most. They have encouraged me to keep asking questions and have also reshaped the way I choose to approach new experiences. I have all this to be thankful for one organization, which I found merely by chance. As a lonely freshman roaming around campus, I was invited to an interest meeting by a friend from my dorm. Fast forward 4 years and we’re the current co-presidents of the chapter! I have served as a ghU coordinator and campaigns coordinator.

What sparked your interest in this summer internship and what will you be doing here at the Global Headquarters?
I have been part of the GlobeMed at Northeastern chapter since my freshman year and I always joke that our chapter is like my baby. I’ve seen our chapter grow and become the powerhouse (at least I think) it is. My undying love for GlobeMed extends to headquarters and that is I why I wanted to spend my summer working with a team full of driven changemakers with whom I want to be able to grow and, most importantly, learn from. As the Programs intern, I’m very excited to organize the flow and logistics of Leadership Institute this summer, as well as, reworking the way ghU coordinators in our network are supported with content and resources from headquarters in the future.

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