Jun 20, 2018

Summer Intern Series: Jenny Luksan

This summer, we’re excited to welcome five interns to Global Headquarters! Hailing from four GlobeMed chapters from across the country, these interns will serve as integral parts of GlobeMed’s work as we expand our technology platforms, grow our communications and partnerships strategy, and gear up for another year of chapter engagement and support.

Meet Jenny Luksan, our Systems and Operations Intern.

University: Bradley University
Major/s: Health Science
Year: Class of 2018
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

What is your story?
I am from the great corn state! I participated in cross country and track since middle school, and my love for the sport carried over to when I was looking at colleges to attend and run for. I discovered Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and was drawn to the small campus and close-knit student body. I have always been interested in the healthcare industry, and I decided to major in health science and minor in biology. Throughout my four years I jumped from different career interests ranging from dietician, medical doctor, physician assistant, physical therapist, etc. I was worried because none of these were the exact fit for me, until my senior year I stumbled upon the field of public health. I became more exposed to global health issues through one of my microbiology classes when we began discussing different diseases that were non-existent in certain countries, while still very real in others. This was the beginning of my eyes being opened to the need for health equity in our world.

What are you studying? Do you know what you’d like to do in the future?
I’m studying health science and biology, but I am still not 100% sure what I want to do in the future. I am interested in public health, where there are various different fields I could pursue. I have considered project management and healthcare administration, but for now my goal is to gain more experience to uncover my strongest skills and how to utilize them.

How has GlobeMed fit into that picture up to this point?
Bradley University does not currently have a GlobeMed chapter, so this year was the first time that I heard of GlobeMed. I am excited to learn more about this meaningful organization, and I’m even more excited to contribute to its future success.
As I have been progressively learning more about GlobeMed, the main message that has stuck with me is that power and privilege are not evenly distributed throughout our world. This power and privilege are given by people, and therefore we — as people — are able to change and shift it.

What are you most excited about doing in a new city for the summer?
I’m excited to explore the city with my fellow interns! GlobeMed does an amazing job of hiring some great people, and I’m sure these friendships will go beyond this summer.

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