GlobeMed aims to ignite a movement by mobilizing a growing global network toward a common vision: health for all.


To win the fight against poverty and poor health, we must join hands across fields, generations, and borders.

GlobeMed at Penn State

Photo from GlobeMed at Pennsylvania State University

We are connecting hundreds of students, alumni, partners, and supporters to become a collective force for social change.

“No data in the world, no good vaccine, no potent medicine, will get to the poorest of the poor without you. There will be no equity without solidarity. There will be no justice without a social movement.”
– Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer of Partners In Health in her honorary keynote address at the 2011 GlobeMed Global Health Summit

We believe that young people can transform the world because of, not despite, being students. University communities give young leaders the singular opportunity to unite people, perspectives, resources and talents from across disciplines under a common cause. GlobeMed students are trained to seize this opportunity. Through dialogue, action, and impact, GlobeMed students inspire their campuses to understand the world as it is, envision the world as it should be, and start building that better world today.


Over the next decade, GlobeMed will send thousands of alumni into the world. Through our mentorship program and regional hubs, GlobeMed alumni stay connected to each other and our network. Regardless of career path, these young advocates will carry with them a commitment to advancing health and social justice. In front of cameras and behind podiums, in hospitals, courtrooms, classrooms and boardrooms, GlobeMed alumni will work across fields and borders to advance the dignity and rights of all people.

Partner Organizations

In our interconnected world, geography no longer has to be a barrier to collaboration. As a network with partner organizations on four continents, GlobeMed has the unique opportunity to leverage ideas and best practices from grassroots health organizations around the world, as well as academia, the public and private sector, our students and our alumni. By connecting our partner organizations with each other and these resources, we are able to spark global dialogue and learning.

Peer Organizations

In the fight against poverty and poor health, we stand shoulder to shoulder with many others. By joining efforts with peer organizations who share a common mission, we learn, innovate, and together become closer to the goal of health for all.


Our supporters are the foundation of our impact. We engage a broad and varied community, from students to corporations to U.S. governmental institutions. In each of their unique ways, they strengthen and help us build the movement for global health equity.

Global Headquarters

Someone’s got to bring all of these fantastic folks together. That’s where we come in. The GlobeMed Global Headquarters centralizes and aligns our network’s purpose, learning and strategy. We are a small team of recent graduates and Northwestern students based out of Evanston, IL who build and strengthen GlobeMed’s essential programs, systems and resources. What gets us up every morning? A dedication to building the most interconnected, dynamic network of advocates for global health equity the world has ever seen.