globalhealthU, our signature global health and leadership curriculum, takes learning from the classroom into the world.


How it works

“Too often the power and passion of students is underestimated. GlobeMed proves otherwise. Because of GlobeMed, I am learning how to become a better leader.”
– Jabari Allen, Truman State ’14

The GlobeMed Global Headquarters works with experts across fields and disciplines to design the year-long global health and leadership development curriculum. Students at each chapter are trained as “globalhealthU Coordinators” to lead their fellow chapter members through the curriculum and engage their broader campus.

At weekly meetings throughout the year, our network of students follow the curriculum together. Chapter members analyze case studies, explore opposing views, and exchange ideas through small group discussions and interactive exercises. Ongoing feedback between chapters and the Global Headquarters enables the network to strengthen the curriculum year after year.

Through public events such as film screenings, debates, exhibits, and demonstrations, students engage their broader campus and community. Together, they confront the state of health and human rights today and ask “Why? What is my role?”

The curriculum

The curriculum models an intentional shift away from top-down, siloed approaches to global health. We provide a framework of overarching ideas which guide students towards a systems-level understand of health, while integrating the voices of their partner organizations and communities. The structure of the framework remains flexible by putting the responsibility relevant topics to the Chapter themselves.

The framework categorizes critical questions into three stages:

1. Explore a systems-level understanding of health and equity

2. Reflect on the alignment of personal values and daily actions to foster a just world

3. Innovate collaborative, local actions which challenge systems of inequity

The results

9 out of 10 students reported that globalhealthU has increased their knowledge of global health issues.

‣ Students gain a diverse perspective on issues of global health, creating a solid foundation of knowledge that spans a range of disciplines.

‣ Critical thinking skills developed through globalhealthU enable students to build a meaningful relationship with their partner organization and impact community members for years to come.

‣ After students graduate, they apply the knowledge and skills they learned in globalhealthU to become an advocate for global health, regardless of their field.

What students are saying

“This year, thanks to the diverse resources provided by our national office and hard work of our globalhealthU coordinators and co-presidents, our discussions reached a new level of depth and relevance. globalhealthU became a source of consistency in our busy schedule and a time to reflect on the meanings of our actions, not to mention a constant forum for ongoing debate and interaction.”
— Anu Ramachandaran ’13 and Lu Zhang ’12, University of Southern California