Students connect with peers from around the country, develop goals for the upcoming year, and hone strong leadership skills at the annual GlobeMed Leadership Institute.

Annual Leadership Institute

Rising chapter leaders kick off every school year in Evanston, IL at the GlobeMed Leadership Institute, a three-day weekend of intensive training and leadership development.

“The Leadership Institute not only provided strategies for being a better executive board and staff leader, but also great reflection points for knowing ourselves better and what motivates us.”
– Betsy Koehne, Truman State University ’12

The annual GlobeMed Leadership Institute (LI), hosted on the campus of Northwestern University, prepares the leaders of GlobeMed’s 59 university-based chapters with knowledge and resources to run high-caliber student organizations. Since the program began ten years ago, GlobeMed has equipped over 1000 students with skills that prepare them to be lifelong champions for global health equity.

Picking up where the classroom leaves off, GlobeMed offers experiential learning opportunities that transform students from passionate, curious youth into courageous, visionary leaders. The Leadership Institute is where transformation begins as students unite to learn about themselves, each other, and the potential they have as a network of 21st century leaders.

The Leadership Institute has four primary learning objectives:


Leading high-caliber student organizations

Workshops strengthen skills in organizational management and public speaking


Building diverse teams of committed students

Workshops strengthen skills in dialogue facilitation and inclusive recruitment


Advancing partnerships for health equity

Workshops strengthen skills in fundraising strategy and cross-cultural collaboration


Cultivating conversation for informed leadership

Workshops strengthen skills in systems-level thinking and advocacy

In addition to learning from one another, Chapter Presidents have the opportunity to hear from professionals in the fields of leadership development, advocacy, and more. In the past, the Leadership Institute has been strengthened through the participation of individuals such as David Godsted from the Global Health Fellows Program II, Chris Gandy from MassMutual, Tom Kawalec from Accenture, Bella Bahhs from #LetUsBreathe Collective, Adam Goodman from Northwestern’s Center for Leadership, Ed Cardoza from Still Harbor, and Donna Barry from Partners in Health.