GlobeMed chapters join forces with grassroots health organizations on the frontlines to improve the health of communities around the world.


Our partnerships are rooted in the belief that local voices and vision must drive community change.

What makes GlobeMed partnerships unique?

GlobeMed’s multi-year partnerships are each grounded in a Partnership Action Framework (PAF), which outlines the mutual commitments of university chapters and grassroots organizations. Through efforts to generate resources, students help strengthen and scale their partner organizations’ programs, often filling crucial gaps that traditional donors may not be willing or able to support. Through this model, students are mentored and guided by grassroots leaders, helping them become humble, reliable collaborators today and throughout their lives.

“GlobeMed lets us decide on the project we want to pursue in our communities and they are flexible and friendly.”
– Peter Mokaya, Ungano Tena, partnered with GlobeMed at Brown University

Why do GlobeMed partnerships work?

GlobeMed partner organizations were started by individuals committed to improving a community they care deeply about, often the one in which they were born. They understand the community, have the trust of its members, and are committed longterm to fighting for their rights and quality of life. It is only by working hand in hand with these visionary leaders and organizations that GlobeMed students are able to be effective and improve health around the world.

Interested in working with us?

Contact [email protected] to find how to become a GlobeMed partner organization.

5 Years of Partnership: GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati + Social Action for Women
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