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We are grateful for our community of supporters, whose contributions are helping us build a sustainable future.

Member Contributions

This year, we’re asking you to invest $10 to keep our network thriving.

Why? Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past ten years, it’s that we can accomplish so much more when we work together

Monthly Contribution

Over the last decade, we’ve been amazed by the 6,000+ students, alumni, and partners who have joined our network. With your investment, we’re excited to continue growing our community.

Here’s what you’re helping build:

• Network-wide events that bring over 600 students and alumni together from across the country each year

• Our pool of nearly $150,000 that goes directly back to students as travel grants

• Partnership advising, visits and events that help strengthen chapters and partnerships

• The online Collaboratory that will connect you with the 6,000+ GlobeMed students, alumni, and grassroots partners around the world

• A funding source that will help sustain GlobeMed’s future

The Global Headquarters spends about $600,000 on programming every year. We’re only asking you to contribute $10 per year, but imagine if every student and every alumni in the network gave $10 per month – we could make over $700,000 each year, which is nearly enough to make us entirely self-sustaining. (Learn more about our budget here.)

We are grateful for our community of supporters. Thank you for helping us build a more sustainable future!