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Prospective Partners
We partner with established, high-impact organizations already transforming the health of their communities. Read below to find out how to become a GlobeMed partner.

Prospective Partner Organizations

Interested in becoming a GlobeMed
partner organization?

Due to a year of minimal growth, GlobeMed will not have an open application process for new partner organizations this year. If you feel strongly that your organization would be a high quality applicant and you meet all of the criteria below, email us at

Partner Organization Recruitment and Timeline

New partner organizations are selected through an application and vetting process coordinated by the GlobeMed National Office. The timeline for identifying new partner organizations coincides with our Chapter Founder process.

December: GlobeMed Partnership Proposal Forms open

February: All written applications are due to the National Office’s Partnerships Team

March: Phone interviews with prospective partners

April: New partners are selected

May: New university chapters and partner organizations are connected and begin communication

August: Partner organizations and chapters develop and sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Through this process, GlobeMed and prospective partner organizations acquire an understanding of each other’s impact, expectations, and capacity for working in partnership.

Read below for GlobeMed’s partner organization and project criteria.

Partner Organization Criteria

GlobeMed invests heavily in the recruitment and selection of its partner organizations. Selected partner organizations demonstrate the following criteria:

✓ Established NGO. GlobeMed partner organizations are recognized NGOs in their countries.

✓ Capacity to be an effective partner. GlobeMed partner organizations have budgets no smaller than $80,000,  have at least two other long-term sources of funding, and have at least two full-time paid staff members.

✓ Organizational mission and values are aligned. GlobeMed partner organizations implement projects that are mission-driven and within the scope of GlobeMed’s project criteria.

✓ Community-based approach. GlobeMed partner organizations inherently know their beneficiaries’ needs and are often founded and led by members of the community.

✓ Frequent, active and engaged communication. GlobeMed partner organizations have access to internet or phone and have the capacity to communicate frequently.

✓ Eager to build relationships and work with students. GlobeMed partner organizations are mentors to students and committed to an ongoing process of mutual learning.

✓ Excited to work with students on the ground. GlobeMed partner organizations have the capacity to host students and are in safe areas.

✓ Interested in joining a network. GlobeMed partner organizations are active participants of a vast network of students, global health leaders, and supporters.

✓ Measurable public health impact. GlobeMed partner organizations implement projects that directly address local needs and they have the systems in place to monitor their impact.

Project Criteria

To ensure high-quality impact, projects that are jointly supported by GlobeMed chapters and partner organizations meet the following requirements:

✓ Projects have feasible budgets, between $3,000 and $20,000, depending on the age of the partnership.

✓ Projects are directly tied to the community’s support and interest.

✓ Projects are able to be implemented and sustained by organizational staff and community members.

✓ Projects are an extension of the work and mission of partner organizations.

✓ Projects are regularly monitored by partner organizations and evaluated by organizational processes as well as protocols laid out in the GlobeMed Memorandum of Understanding.

Still wondering what it takes to be a GlobeMed Partner? See the GlobeMed Grassroots Partner Handbook here.