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Prospective Students
Interested in global health and social justice? We welcome students from every background and major to join our efforts.

Prospective Students

Currently an undergraduate? Join an existing GlobeMed chapter or found a chapter on your university campus.

You are students at incredible universities, citizens with powerful voices, and endowed with all the vigor and passion of youth. In short, your potential to make change is matched only by your responsibility to fulfill that potential. Bring your boldest vision to the table and join the GlobeMed network.

Join an Existing Chapter

GlobeMed chapters are led and driven by undergraduate students. If you are a student who wants to get involved in GlobeMed, see if your campus has an existing GlobeMed chapter and contact the chapter to become a member.

Found a New Chapter

If there is not a GlobeMed chapter on your campus and you are interested in founding a chapter, please fill out the interest form linked below to get started. Anyone looking to start a new chapter is required to go through GlobeMed’s chapter founder application process to receive formal recognition and central support.

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The “initial conditions” of a chapter greatly influences its long-term success. This includes the quality and leadership experience of the chapter founder, resources available at the university, and recruitment of committed student staff members. As a result, we heavily invest in the selection and training of campus chapters and leaders.

Expectations and eligibility requirements are listed below.

GlobeMed Chapter Founders: Eligibility Requirements

✓ A rising sophomore or junior at the time of founding (must be a rising freshman or sophomore during application cycle)

“GlobeMed has given me a sense of purpose that no organization, class, or club has given me before. The strong connections that are made through our partnerships and the relationships between students in the network are what make this movement so strong. GlobeMed inspires me every day to grow as an advocate for global health equity and leverage the power of young people to create great change.”
– Selena Suhail-Sindhu, Rutgers University ’13

✓ Enrollment in an undergraduate university in the United States

✓ A commitment to advance GlobeMed’s mission

✓ Demonstrated leadership skills

✓ Ability to motivate others

✓ Ability to persevere in the face of challenges

✓ Strong interest in global health

GlobeMed Chapter Founders: Application and Selection Timeline

New GlobeMed chapters are launched in the fall of every year. The chapter founder application process, which includes a written application and phone interview, typically runs from November – February of the preceding academic year. Applicants are selected on the basis of leadership, integrity, strategic vision, and ability to build community.

Basic Chapter Requirements

✓ Established as a university-recognized student organization on campus

✓ Contains a full Executive Board and staff of around 20 – 30 students

✓ Has a faculty advisor

✓ Communicates with partner organization on a bi-weekly basis

✓ Undergoes chapter advising with the Global Headquarters on a bi-weekly basis

✓ Attends the GlobeMed Leadership Institute and GlobeMed Summit in Evanston, IL

✓ Submits an annual report at the end of the academic year