Our Impact
Our model of long-term partnership has allowed us to work with organizations around the world to help break the cycle of poverty and poor health. Explore our 56 partnerships and see the impact of our projects from the hills of Kabale, Uganda to the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

See It In Action

Thin Thin, a member of the SAW staff, leading a Family Talk workshop in a Phop Phra village. Along with a few other staff members, Thin Thin also teaches Gender Based Violence, hygiene, reproductive health, and other health oriented workshops.

GlobeMed at UC + SAW

GROW Internship
GlobeMed at Rhodes GROW Internship

GlobeMed at Rhodes + AMOS

Alumni Experiences
Alumni Spotlight Jason Pace

Jason Pace, Rhodes College

Chapters + Partners

Areas of Impact
  • Maternal
  • Water Sanitation
    & Hygiene
  • Income
  • Nutrition
  • Communicable
    Disease Prevention
  • Capacity

Prenatal care, reproductive health education, family planning services


Water filtration, water pumps and tanks, toilet and latrine construction


Skills-building workshops, livestock and seed lending, craft initiatives


Community gardens, food supplements, agricultural support, education


HIV services, sexual health education, community health worker programs


Operational support, transportation, hospital wing construction, technology, training

Partners in Africa
Howard University Moro, Kenya

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We believe good things happen when people work together. When you join GlobeMed, you enter a community that continues to demonstrate that we can and will change the world for the better. Find out more about opportunities to join the GlobeMed network today!