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GlobeMed at Arizona State University partners with ICOD Action Network in Lyantonde, Uganda to support housing and sanitation projects for orphans affected by HIV/AIDs.

GlobeMed at Arizona State University + ICOD Action Network

GlobeMed at Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona

ICOD Action Network | Lyantonde, Uganda

Key Fact
The current HIV prevalence in Lyantonde district is about 13.5 percent. Poverty is endemic in Lyantonde district; over 82 percent of households survive below the Uganda’s subsistence level of Ugshs.5000 (USD $3.00) per week.

“ICOD Action Network is interested in working with students because of their passion and commitment towards community development projects. Students can contribute to our effectiveness, provide ideas on how to improve our projects and also support our work. Our projects are inspiring and can be good learning experiences for students. That’s why we always encourage them to directly get involved in planning and implementation of the project alongside our staff and volunteers.”
Ahabwe Mugerwa Michael, Founder of ICOD Action Network

About the Partnership
ICOD Action Network supports marginalized households affected by HIV/AIDS. They extend health services, provide material support, construct housing and sanitation infrastructure, and provide HIV/AIDS services to groups at high risk of infection. In their first year of partnership they exceeded their fundraising goal for the construction of a house, and could also construct a pit latrine for the beneficiary. Their goal for this year is to build a house and a latrine for a new beneficiary, as well as a water tank for last year’s beneficiary family. A microloan program is being developed and supported by GlobeMed at ASU for the previous and future beneficiaries.

GlobeMed at Arizona State University and ICOD Action Network focus on helping families affected by HIV/AIDs through a housing and sanitation project. ICOD uses a locally-developed index to evaluate which households are the most vulnerable. ICOD assesses the availability of shelter, pit latrines, and safe water. They also analyze the prevalence of preventable diseases, cases of malnutrition, school attendance, and access to scholastic materials.

GlobeMed at Arizona State University has raised over $14,000 to improve housing and sanitation projects through our partner organization ICOD Action Network in Lyantonde, Uganda. Through the construction of sustainable, brick, two-bedroom houses, pit latrines, and water tanks we can reduce the incidence of disease in orphan households affected by HIV/AIDs. The overall goal is to complete 10 projects for the Lyantonde community.

Get Involved
Donate to their cause. Interested in joining GlobeMed at Arizona State University? Contact [email protected].

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