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GlobeMed at Arizona State University partners with Project Bona Fide in Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua to promote food security and sustainable living systems.

GlobeMed at Arizona State University + Project Bona Fide

GlobeMed at Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona

Project Bona Fide | Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

Key Fact
Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human ecologies.

About the Partnership
GlobeMed at Arizona State University partnered with Project Bona Fide in Spring 2017. Project Bona Fide is a forward-thinking NGO that works to promote food security and sustainable living systems through permaculture design, agroforestry, research & education, and community collaboration. On their 26-acre model farm in Isla de Ometepe, Project Bona Fide uses demonstrative hands-on learning to both educate locals and international visitors about multi-strata food production. Project Bona Fide also seeks to provide people with the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them to produce their own food in a more sustainable manner and live more intentionally in their own environments.

Project Bona Fide’s 3-pronged approach is to:

1) Demonstrate the possible. Using permaculture and agroforestry research and design principles, they conduct plant trials on site and demonstrate successful models to the public

2) Learn from and educate the interested. They teach sustainable lifestyle principles to volunteers, interns, student groups, and local community members

3) Collaborate with the community. They support community projects through financial support, knowledge, and technical skills. Project Bona Fide aims to promote food sovereignty locally and regionally and inspire local partners and people from all over the world to undertake their education through hands-on learning experience.

GlobeMed at Arizona State University and Project Bona Fide will be collaborating on their first project together in the 2017-2018 academic year. We will be working to fundraise for sustainable agriculture practices such as the medicinal garden project, alley cropping, and other operations.


GlobeMed at Arizona State University hopes to fundraise to support the efforts of Project Bona Fide in creating a more sustainable and food secure system through education and collaborative projects

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