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GlobeMed at Boston College partners with CORD in Tamil Nadu, India to support sustainable development through self-empowerment processes.

GlobeMed at Boston College + CORD

GlobeMed at Boston College  | Boston, Massachusetts

Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) | Tamil Nadu, India

“Working with students provides us with an opportunity to open the minds and shape the next generation of leaders. We expect it to be a two-way street with us providing exposure to the students about harsh realities in the developing world and the approaches used to resolve issues. ”
– Subha Pathial, CORD USA

Key Fact
Only 4.5 billion out of the 7 billion people in the world have access to toilets.

About the Partnership
Since 2015, GlobeMed at Boston College has been partners with CORD Siruvani. CORD works to facilitate integrated, sustainable social help programs in local communities through processes of self-empowerment and enrichment. A typical Indian village faces several social and economic issues, all of which are connected and cannot be handled in isolation. CORD’s strength and success in alleviating these issues has been due to its coalition with villagers, where there is cooperative effort to organize, build, and find relevant solutions to personal, familial, and communal concerns. CORD works on a variety of projects, including early childhood development, family income generation, self-help groups, health and sanitation, youth support groups, social injustice, rehabilitation services, natural resource management, self- governance, and women’s empowerment.

Together, through partnership, GlobeMed at Boston College and CORD will work to raise awareness and complete projects to improve sanitation in the Siruvani region.

Without any infrastructure to collect and properly dispose of waste, one of the major issues in the community is poor health outcomes due to lack of waste segregation. This year, CORD Siruvani plans to implement a three-bucket waste system. In addition, they continue their strong work in Mahila Mendels and Self Help Groups, promoting hygiene and health education, and in promoting vaccinations for common widespread diseases such as hepatitis B and rubella.

GlobeMed at Boston College aims to raise $6,000 to support projects addressing water and sanitation, education, and vaccinations in the Tamil Nadu region of India.

GlobeMed at Boston College and CORD Siruvani are currently collaborating on the Waste Segregation Pilot Program, a three-bucket waste segregation initiative currently in place in 100 homes in Thenamenallur village. GlobeMed at Boston College will also be designing education and awareness materials for children who, due to language barriers, are unlikely to attend school. These learning tools will help them to keep up with their peers in Hindi, Assamese, Tamil and English with fun activities. Finally, the Enter into Motherhood without Rubella campaign will focus on vaccinating a nearby migrant population of Assamese people who work in the beetle nut industry.

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