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GlobeMed at Duke partners with SHED Foundation in Shirati, Tanzania to support health and education infrastructure.

GlobeMed at Duke University + Shirati Health, Education and Development

GlobeMed at Duke University | Durham, North Carolina

Shirati Health, Education, and Development (SHED) | Shirati, Tanzania

Key Fact
Over 8 in 10 children and 9 in 10 adults in SHED’s area are infected with Schistosomiasis.

About the Partnership
SHED Foundation focuses on developing health and education infrastructure for underserved populations in rural Tanzania. In the past, SHED has built health clinics, launched child vaccination programs, and tackled neglected tropical diseases. SHED looks to continue its collaboration with Duke students on a variety of maternal health and water sanitation projects, including researching and treating schistosomiasis, the deadliest neglected tropical disease, under the mentorship of Dean David Toole, Matt Nash, and Dr. Sumedha Ariely.

Current projects:
1) The EMBLEM study, funded by the US National Cancer Institute, conducts medical research on the epidemiology of Burkitt Lymphoma. SHED Foundation coordinates the Tanzanian arm of the study at the Sota Clinic..
2) The schistosomiasis project aims to control schistosomiasis in the Rorya District, by targeting the villages of Roche, Nyambogo, Sota, and Burere.
3) The circumcision project in partnership with the Association of Private Health Facilities aims to provide circumcision services for the Luo people to lower the risk of HIV transmission.
4) SHED Foundation, in partnership with Village Life Outreach Project, has constructed the Sota Clinic, and is currently building the Roche Health Center.

SHED’s Website is currently under construction. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/SHEDFoundation

The GlobeMed chapter at Duke University and the Shirati Health, Education and Development Foundation (SHED), will work on projects of Schistosomiasis Control, Radio Health Announcements, Microfinance Financial Empowerment and Sota Clinic improvement throughout the 2015-2016 school year, during the summer 2016 GROW internship and subsequent summers.

For Schistosomiasis Control, the partners will administer rapid tests, conduct annual mass treatment programs and develop existing educational resources during the chapter’s GROW internships. For the Radio Health Announcements, the partners will prepare spots on Schistosomiasis, malaria and other pertinent health challenges in the community and facilitate an evaluative listener survey before and after playing radio announcements to determine efficacy of the campaign and gaps in health knowledge. For the Microfinance Financial Empowerment, the partners will develop a small-scale water bottling company that would deliver safe drinking water at a price below the standard market value. Additionally, both will also develop a local bee farm and honey packaging to provide SHED with some sustainable income. Lastly, at the Sota Clinic, the partners will install an incinerator and sanitation fixture, aid in water distribution through surveying, water tank completion and plumbing and enhance the clinic environment by painting the walls.

GlobeMed at Duke hopes to raise $7,500 this year to jumpstart the Schistosomiasis Control Program, the Radio Health Announcements, the Microfinance Financial Empowerment Imitative and the Sota Clinic improvements.

GROW interns will be conducting rapid tests and facilitating treatment programs. They will build on the work done by previous SHED volunteers and target communities that have been identified as having the highest disease burden. SHED employees will facilitate community connections throughout the summer and assist interns during the summer with logistics and translation. Moreover, SHED will negotiate use of airspace with their local radio connection. GlobeMed at Duke will work alongside current SHED employees to develop the existing education materials and identify areas for expansion. Thirdly, members of the GlobeMed at Duke Finance committee will work with the SHED economic development chair to facilitate the bottling project. GROW interns will work on the initial set-up during their GROW internship. Lastly, SHED’s community partners will facilitate implementation of Sota Clinic projects. GlobeMed at Duke will provide the funding. SHED will identify the supply chains and tradesmen necessary to carry out the project, and facilitate its completion before June 2015.

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