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GlobeMed at GWU partners with RVCP to promote maternal healthcare and empowerment through income generation and education in the Huye District of Rwanda.

GlobeMed at George Washington University + Rwanda Village Concept Project

GlobeMed at GWU

GlobeMed at the George Washington University | Washington, District of Columbia

Rwanda Village Concept Project (RVCP)| Huye District, Rwanda

Key Fact
In the Huye District of Rwanda, the infant mortality rate is 64.04 deaths per 1,000 live births, and the expected fertility rate is 5 children per woman.

“Experiences like this give us new perspectives on our lives and the world in which we live. The women we met live with perseverance, motivation, and love. They taught us how to be better women and better individuals. I know that I am even more dedicated to our project in Rwanda now and will work even harder this coming school year to ensure the success of the coming Maternal Health sessions, and to ensure the future success of the Huye Health Clinic. ”
– Katy Stewart, the George Washington University ’13

About the Partnership
The Rwanda Village Concept Project (RVCP) is a non-profit organization run by students from the National University of Rwanda located in Huye, Rwanda.

RVCP was founded with the goal of providing sustainable healthcare fueled by self-reliant citizens. Students from the local National University recognized the great need for higher quality healthcare in rural Huye, and believed that they could empower local citizens to build an infrastructure for these services. Working with students and local volunteers is a key part of the foundation upon which RVCP was built, as it strives to increase awareness and develop students’ problem solving skills, aptitude for fieldwork, and project planning abilities.

RVCP takes creative approaches to solving problems found in the communities in the Huye District of Rwanda. Since their partnership with GlobeMed at GWU started in 2007, the partnership has led to a refurbished health clinic with running water, electricity, and a new waiting room. Furthermore, they have initiated a Maternal Health Education and Income Generation Program for 150 mothers in rural Huye that seeks to empower women and reduce malnutrition in their children.

This year GlobeMed at GWU and RVCP have raised over $15,000 to expand the Maternal Health Education Program (MHEP), which empowers Rwandan mothers by educating them about proper nutrition, hygiene, and other pertinent health issues while also allowing them to generate income to feed and support their children.

Over time GlobeMed at GWU and RVCP hope to continue improving the Huye Health Clinic and expanding upon the Maternal Health Education Program in order to ultimately provide holistic, sustainable healthcare to the poorest families in Southern Rwanda.

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Read GlobeMed at the George Washington University’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact [email protected].

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