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GlobeMed at Indiana University partners with CEMOPLAF in Cajabamba, Ecuador to support fertility awareness, sexuality education, and HIV prevention.

GlobeMed at Indiana University + CEMOPLAF


GlobeMed at Indiana University | Bloomington, Indiana

Medical Center Orientation and Family Planning (CEMOPLAF) | Cajabamba, Ecuador

Key Fact
Of all teenage girls age 15-19 in Ecuador, 17% already have at least one child.

“GlobeMed offered something unique: tools to problem solve via sustainable and manageable projects. These tools are empowering in a group of individuals whose personalities are matchless and have shown me the good in the world. Global health and social justice is about just that – recognizing the good in the midst of crisis.”
– Hidemi DeHays, Indiana University, ’11

“We appreciate your interest in working with the adolescents in our community, because they do not have all the opportunities and possibilities available to the boys and girls of other cities. We are thankful and admire your effort and work to support adolescents.”
– CEMOPLAF Cajabamba

About the Partnership

CEMOPLAF, whose acronym translates into Medical Center Orientation and Family Planning, is an organization based in Cajabamba, Ecuador that focuses on sexual and reproductive health issues. Founded in 1974, it provides a wide array of sexual health services, including but not limited to: medical clinics, community distribution posts, family planning services, and general and pediatric consultations. Since 2010, GlobeMed at Indiana University has raised over $12,000 for CEMOPLAF and is currentlyworking with them on projects related to fertility awareness, sexuality education, and HIV prevention in 21 communities.


This year, GlobeMed at Indiana University is working on a project to support CEMOPLAF Cajabamba’s sexual and reproductive health education programs for adolescents. Their funds will support these programs by providing supplies for the youths to make bracelets. GlobeMed will sell the bracelets and the adolescents will receive the funds earned to put towards their education. The rest of the funds raised by GlobeMed at Indiana University will help support the adolescents’ program in the way of materials, educators, and resourced.


GlobeMed at IU hopes to raise $4000 this year to support CEMOPLAF’s adolescents’ program in Cajabamba. This program will provide teenagers from rural communities with an education not only about sexual health, but also about decision-making and planning for the future.

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