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GlobeMed at Northeastern partners with Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization in Masaka, Uganda to support water sanitation and hygiene projects.

GlobeMed at Northeastern + Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization


GlobeMed at Northeastern University | Boston, Massachusetts

Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization | Masaka, Uganda

Key Fact
In Uganda, a lack of clean water accounts for 50% of all spreadable diseases and is considered the leading cause of death due to disease.

“I joined GlobeMed as a sophomore, in a time of my life when I had very little idea of what career path I wanted to take. As the years have passed, and as I’ve become continually interested in global health and inequity, GlobeMed has been a great outlet for me as I’ve worked toward a career in medicine. As a senior, I can now look back at not only what I’ve given to GlobeMed, but what GlobeMed has given to me – a desire to help those in under-served countries as I continue in my medical career. I cherish each moment that I’ve spent in this group, and hope to see our Northeastern chapter expand long after I graduate.”
– Katie Coleman, Northeastern University ’12

About the Partnership
Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by the Medical Missionaries of Mary in response to a AIDS/HIV outbreak in the Rakai District of Uganda. Based in Masaka, Uganda, Kitovu Mobile works to address the needs of the surrounding communities through a holistic medical approach and through capacity building programs geared towards prevention, care, and support of people affect by HIV/AIDS. Moreover, Kitovu Mobile places an emphasis on comprehensive care and treatment programs, counselling and shelf help group (SHG) training programs, and orphan and family support programs. GlobeMed at Northeastern works with Kitovu Mobile to address water sanitation and hygiene concerns in Kitovu Mobile’s region of operation. Since the founding of our partnership we have worked to build pit latrines, makeshift water taps, and to support the education of the SHGs on sanitation and hygiene practices, and have raised over 40,000 dollars.


GlobeMed at Northeastern University supports communities in Masaka, Uganda through the construction of centrally-located, clean water sources. GlobeMed at Northeastern University works with Kitovu Mobile’s Self Help Groups to educate community members in hand washing, water boiling, and other sanitation techniques.

These projects increase the overall water sanitation and hygiene conditions in the Masaka District. The water crisis touches all aspects of life in Masaka. Families often don’t have enough water to drink and stay sanitary, contributing to disease in communities. Children must bring their own water to school, forcing children to leave school early in order to get the water they need. Current water sources in Masaka are an average of an hour away, and some don’t even work properly. GlobeMed at Northeastern University works with Kitovu to increase accessibility to water and teach sanitation practices, improving the health of the community.

This year, GlobeMed at Northeastern University is aiming to raise $7,000 to create ten new Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the Kyanamukaaka sub-county of Masaka District and install at least one centrally located water source in communities with the most need. With the SHGs and the water source(s), GlobeMed at Northeastern combats the water crisis in this area.

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