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GlobeMed at Northeastern partners with Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization in Masaka, Uganda to support water sanitation and hygiene projects.

GlobeMed at Northeastern + Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization


GlobeMed at Northeastern University | Boston, Massachusetts

Kitovu Mobile LTD | Masaka, Uganda

Key Fact

“I joined GlobeMed as a sophomore, in a time of my life when I had very little idea of what career path I wanted to take. As the years have passed, and as I’ve become continually interested in global health and inequity, GlobeMed has been a great outlet for me as I’ve worked toward a career in medicine. As a senior, I can now look back at not only what I’ve given to GlobeMed, but what GlobeMed has given to me – a desire to help those in under-served countries as I continue in my medical career. I cherish each moment that I’ve spent in this group, and hope to see our Northeastern chapter expand long after I graduate.”
– Katie Coleman, Northeastern University ’12

In Uganda, 63% of the total population lives on less than US $2 per day.

About the Partnership

Kitovu Mobile LTD was founded in 1987 by Medical Missionaries of Mary to combat the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. It now focuses on outreach programs that aim to help villages around the Masaka area. GlobeMed at Northeastern started its partnership with Kitovu in 2010, supporting their health hygiene and water sanitation projects. This program aims to teach groups of women (or Self-Help Groups) healthy practices, like proper hand-washing techniques, and provides them with shallow wells and pit latrines. These women then share these practices with friends and families until it is shared with all villagers.

Kitovu focuses its efforts on the Kyanamukaaka sub-county in the Masaka region. This sub-county includes rural villages in which it can take 2-3 hours to get to the nearest healthcare facility. Children and women take up to 2 ½ hours to get water from their nearest source. Most of their water sources are unprotected, with animals drinking from the same source. The incidence for waterborne illnesses that can be contracted is extremely high and the lack of nearby health facilities causes these illnesses to be fatal. Kitovu works to improve their access to health centers by building facilities and providing protected shallow wells so they may have access to clean water.


Our funds supported the sanitation and hygiene projects for Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Kyanamukaaka’s villages. About $1,400 funds one shallow well, which provides a water source protected from animals and diseases, allowing the villagers access to clean water. The two wells we funded this past year will benefit about 1,100 villagers. About $1,200 funds one income generating project for a SHG. These projects often include supplies for crafting, or pigs to raise. These pigs can then be sold for large amounts of money when they reproduce or grow bigger. The money raised goes into a fund for the village in which women can take out money for costly health expenses of family members. This project provides villagers with the tools and knowledge to confidently maintain their businesses and support their families. Kitovu ultimately gives them the resources necessary to become empowered and provide for each other.


GlobeMed at Northeastern raised $7,000 this year to fund two shallow wells in the Lukindu and Nkoma villages and 3 income generating activities for other villages to support the health needs of their families in the Kyanamukaaka sub-county. Our efforts have provided thousands of villagers with clean water and basic health techniques that can enhance their quality of life.

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