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GlobeMed at Northwestern University partners with Adonai Child Development Centre in Namugoga, Uganda to improve the health of children orphaned by AIDS and civil unrest.

GlobeMed at Northwestern University + Adonai Child Development Centre

GlobeMed at Northwestern University | Evanston, IL

Adonai Child Development Centre | Namugoga, Uganda

Key Fact
It is estimated that 30 million children have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Africa, 14.8 of which live in sub-Saharan Africa.  More than 2.4 million of these children live in Uganda.

“We know that the love and structure Brian has received here at Adonai has given him a chance at life. He’s a good child. He’s a good enough to attend secondary school. We want to give every Brian a shot at a decent life.”
– Aloysious Luswata, Director of Adonai Child Development Centre

About the Partnership
The Adonai Child Development Center was founded in 2005 by community leaders Pastor Aloysious Luswata and his wife, Abby Luswata. They noticed that their community of Namugoga, Uganda was overwhelmed by poverty and the lingering devastation caused by the AIDS pandemic and the two decade guerrilla war. Since then, with local support from the community, Adonai has grown from a school building with the capacity to serve 20 orphaned children to a community center that empowers Namugoga families through income generation projects, health clinic services, and quality education for about 300 of the village’s children. GlobeMed at Northwestern’s partnership with Adonai launched in Fall 2012 and continues today.

In Spring 2015, the Adonai Center first started providing basic health services to the Namugoga community through its health clinic. The health clinic provides maternal and neonatal care, disease screening and lab testing, minor surgical procedures, and provides pharmaceutical drugs at a lower cost than private clinics. There is a physician available two days a week as well as a lab technician, midwife, and nurse at the clinic every day. Since opening in April 2015, the clinic has also had several cancer and HIV screening days available to the entire Namugoga community. Among many other challenges, these new healthcare services have been necessary for the treatment of typhoid and malaria, which are prevalent during the rainy season in central Uganda.

GlobeMed at Northwestern hopes to raise $10,000 this year for the Adonai Center for Child Development’s health clinic. By doing so, GlobeMed at Northwestern aims to provide the clinic with the initial equipment and materials required to open an effective medical practice while promoting sustainable systems for the staff’s salaries and inexpensive supplies.

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