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GlobeMed at Penn State University partners with Feed the World to support sustainable farming for poor smallholder farm families in Peru.

GlobeMed at Penn State University + Feed The World

GlobeMed at Pennsylvania State University | University Park, Pennsylvania

Feed the World | Peru

Key Fact
Community members in Peru eat guinea pigs as a key source of nourishment.

About the Partnership

Feed the World in Peru was originally founded under the name of The Institute of Self Reliance in 2009. The organization is a tax-exempt nonprofit that focuses on self reliance and sustainable farming for community members. Its mission is to grant less fortunate smallholder farm families the opportunity to feed themselves while creating a foundation for sustainable farming.

“The Summit is a breeding ground for fresh, innovative global health ideas that stem from the minds of passionate students all across the nation. The copious knowledge acquired and long-lasting friendships formed cultivate a feeling that makes significant change not only possible, but tangible.”
– Matt O’Donnell, Pennsylvania State University ’12

GlobeMed at Pennsylvania State University is excited to be newly partnered with Feed the World! Because of the need to establish a new partnership, the chapter is currently focusing its project efforts where they are needed within the organization. It hopes to have one clearly defined project after its summer GROW interns visit Peru and choose a project with which it can most benefit the organization.

GlobeMed at Pennsylvania State University hopes to raise $1,000 this year for Feed the World in Peru. The chapter hopes its efforts can create a firsthand impact on the communities and help families combat hunger and poverty through sustainable farming.

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