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GlobeMed at Penn State partners with ACUDESBAL in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador to provide community and cultural programs for the regions' youth.

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ACUDESBAL | Bajo Lempa, El Salvador

Key Fact
Police have estimated that there are between 60-90 gang members with automatic rifles and shotguns.

About the Partnership
ACUDESBAL – Intercommunal Organization of Comunities United for the Social and Economic Development of Bajo Lempa – is a grassroots organization based in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador, founded in 1998. This organization works with 29 different communities and focuses on 5 strategic areas: institutional strengthening, food sovereignty, infrastructure and legalization of land, health and environment, and recreation and sports culture. The Bajo Lempa community developed after the 12-year long Civil War ended in 1990 when land was allocated to the 45,000 families that were without land due to the war and corrupt legislation.

ACUDESBAL was formed on the idea that the strength of a community working together is the way to achieve social, economic, political, and environmental justice; all of which are an important part of Bajo Lempa’s history of civil war and devastating natural disasters.

“The Summit is a breeding ground for fresh, innovative global health ideas that stem from the minds of passionate students all across the nation. The copious knowledge acquired and long-lasting friendships formed cultivate a feeling that makes significant change not only possible, but tangible.”
– Matt O’Donnell, Pennsylvania State University ’12

ACUDESBAL’s Daycare Centers Garden Project and Healthy Environment Initiative Project focuses on improving food security, cultural awareness and physical activity in the impoverished region of Bajo Lempa, El Salvador. This project increases access to healthy foods for 150 children in surrounding daycares and encourages community involvement for a decrease in criminal activity in the region. These interventions reach out to educate and build capacity for the childrens’ families, the daycare center staff, and the surrounding community.

This year, GlobeMed at Penn State hopes to raise $4,000 for ACUDESBAL’s Daycare Centers Garden Project and Healthy Environment Initiative Project. Through this program, the children at the three daycares will be provided with the healthy foods that they need for proper development while also staying active through ACUDESBAL’s sports program.

Due to travel restrictions, GlobeMed at Penn State will be repartnering with a new organization in the near future. In addition to the $4,000 being raised for ACUDESBAL, Penn State also hopes to raise another $4,000 for our new partner organization.

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