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GlobeMed at Spelman College partners with Light for Children to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Kumasi, Ghana.

GlobeMed at Spelman College + Light for Children

GlobeMed at Spelman College | Atlanta, Georgia

Light for Children | Kumasi, Ghana

Key Facts
As of July 2012 the Sexual Assault Prevention program has covered fifty-nine (59) basic schools and seventeen thousand and one hundred (17,100) pupils and students within the Kumasi city.

“We love to work with university students because we know how much of an impact they will have. University students are the next doctors, lawyers, CEOs, nurses, and teachers and are pushing in a very positive direction for our world.”– Rebecca Kuntz, Director of External Relations, Media, Volunteers, and Education Center

About the Partnership
Light for Children (LIFOC) is a nonprofit non-governmental organization founded in 2005 as a support group for children infected and affected by HIV. From this small beginning, this grassroots organization grew and developed into child-centered organization. LIFOC is a registered organization without religious or political affiliation, that provides a preventive child sexual assault program, summer school, HIV children care & support, a School Health Program, and an education center.

GlobeMed at Spelman partners with Light for Children to fund workshops on sexual violence in schools. These workshops educate children on how to prevent abuse and seek support systems.

This project is unique because it has the support of the Ghana Police Service, which provides technical support, and the Ghana Education Service, which connects schools to the workshop. The workshop uses a participatory approach that creates a safe environment for students to be honest with consoulers about the sexual abuse they have contered.

Eventually GlobeMed at Spelman and Light For Children will arrange educational sponsorship for victims and continue to support them in any way they can.

GlobeMed at Spelman College aims to raise $4,000 to implement a Sexual Assault Prevention Program in a new region in collaboration with Ghanaian University students and the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Ghana Police.

The Sexual Assault Prevention Project seeks to educate and empower students about personal safety, sexual assault prevention, access to resources if they’ve been assaulted, and teach the children strategies to reduce victim stigma towards the crime. This program will help a history of undocumented crimes become documented, and will lower the amount of sexual assault that is currently happening in Ghana.

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