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GlobeMed at the University of Southern California partners with Spark MicroGrants in Uganda to support community driven and designed social impact projects.

GlobeMed at the University of Southern California + Spark MicroGrants

GlobeMed at the University of Southern California | Los Angeles, CA

Spark MicroGrants | Mbale, Uganda

Key Fact
To date Spark has partnered with over 100 communities in Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi who have developed local project plans and are in the process of implementing them.

About the Partnership
Spark MicroGrants catalyzes rural communities facing poverty into action. Since its establishment in 2010, Spark has promoted a ‘community-driven, expert supported’ model for development, where local communities are the primary drivers of social change, but have the support and advice of global development experts. Spark’s mission has directly proved that communities in poverty can drive their own development.

Since 2010, Spark has:
-Partnered with over 100 rural communities
-Launched three country programs in Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi
-Impacted more than 75,000 lives
-Facilitated more than 1100 community meetings
-Doubled its budget every year and in 2014 surpassed a one million dollar fundraising goal

The Spark Impact:

-94% project sustainability
-57% increase in female participation
-97% of communities continue to meet after completing the Spark process
-70% of communities launch independent projects

Read more about Spark MicroGrants and their work here: http://www.sparkmicrogrants.org/

GlobeMed at USC has partnered with a community, Pugwaro, in Northern Uganda. Pugwaro community members were internally displaced during the civil war in Uganda, and have recently returned to their land.

Located in the Amuru District of Northern Uganda, the Pugwaro community comprises six smaller villages throughout the area. Community members are mostly subsistence farmers, growing sesame, peas, and cassava to sell for profit. However, most farmers depend on simple hand-hoes to cultivate their land; as a result, much of the local, arable land remains under-utilized. After partnering with Spark and GlobeMed at USC, Pugwaro chose to purchase six pairs of oxen in order to increase use of local land and improve their agricultural productivity.

Pugwaro has just finished planning their project – having submitted their project proposal to Spark late last month – and are looking forward to purchasing their oxen within the next month. Currently, the community is reviewing how to keep good financial records while waiting to receive its first grant disbursement. Pugwaro’s leadership committee has opened a communal bank account, and is reporting to fellow community members during weekly meetings to ensure transparency.

GlobeMed at USC is excited about Pugwaro as they develop and implement their own solutions to the issues they feel are most urgent. In doing so, we will be dismantling the issue of global power relations, which often produces donor “superiority” in donor-recipient relationships. We hope to empower and learn from the members of the Pugwaro communities and others in Uganda through a collaborative partnership!

GlobeMed at USC hopes to raise $10,000 to fund a microgrant for our partner community’s social impact project. This funding will allow development and implementation of a community-driven sustainability project, as well as monitoring and evaluation after the project is up and running!

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