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GlobeMed at the University of Washington partners with MINDS Foundation in Vadodara, India to provide mental health education and resources to over 40,000 people.

GlobeMed at the University of Washington + MINDS Foundation

GlobeMed at the University of Washington | Seattle, Washington

MINDS Foundation | Vadodara, India

Key Fact
India has 1 psychiatrist for every 300,000 people, despite the fact that an estimated 20% of Indians suffer from a mental illness.

About the Partnership
The MINDS Foundation was founded in 2010 by Raghu Appasani, with the hopes of reducing stigma and bringing high-quality, cost-effective mental health care to rural India. The foundation works in 35 rural villages close to Vadodara, Gujarat, India where over 50,000 villagers are located. Partnered with Sumandeep University, Diraj General Hospital, and GMERS Gotri Hospital they work to provide the high quality, low-cost mental health care for their patients.

Bringing a grassroots approach to addressing mental health issues, MINDS uses a three step program to address the neglected issue- fighting stigma through education camps, identifying potential people with mental illnesses, and connecting them with life-changing mental health resources. At MINDS, they believe that they are creating sustainable economic growth by improving overall mental well-being in rural communities, improving their outreach by partnering with GlobeMed at the University of Washington.

In 2010, MINDS began developing a program to eliminate stigma and provide care for those who were fighting mental illness. This program works to educate community members on what mental health is, while supporting care for those who need it.

Using a three step model, the MINDS Foundation starts with educating the community on what mental health is. They host workshops that teach community members, school children, teachers, and community health workers what mental health is through videos, skits, and discussions. The second step is screening community members for mental illness. This occurs through a digital survey on MedicMobile technology consisting of 20 WHO Mental Health indicators as well as questions regarding epilepsy and addiction. The last step is to connect potential patients, as determined by the screening, to mental health resources. MINDS hosts mental health check-in camps where psychiatrists go to villages to meet and council potential patients and diagnose any mental illnesses. MINDS staff work with patients throughout the treatment process to guide and support them.

Last year, GlobeMed at the University of Washington raised $15,000 for the MINDS Foundation. The education programs that the chapter supports provides education and mental health access to over 42,000 people.

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Read GlobeMed at the University of Washington’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact [email protected].

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