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GlobeMed at the University of Texas - Austin partners with Clinica Ana Manganaro in Guarjila, El Salvador to support the clinic's food cooperative program.

GlobeMed at UT - Austin + Clinica Ana Manganaro

GlobeMed at UT-Austin

GlobeMed at the University of Texas – Austin | Austin, Texas

Clinica Ana Manganaro | Guarjila, El Salvador

Key Fact
Guarjila was one of the first settlements to be re-populated by refugees who had been driven away by government bombing during the early 1980s. In 1987, in defiance of the military, the civilian population returned to reconstruct the village.

“But Salvadorans are resilient. Even in the most terrible circumstances, individuals have the ability to act to make a change. For the people of Guarjila, this change came through the work of physician Ana Manganaro and Padre Jon Cortina, two individuals who took it upon themselves to build a clinic, empower a workforce, and serve a crippled nation.”
– Ryan Thomas, UT – Austin ’12

About the Partnership
Clinica Ana Manganaro was first established in 1987 as a primary care clinic to care for refugees who had been driven away by government bombing during the Salvadoran Civil War. Today, Clinica Ana Manganaro is committed to the health of its constituents and, like the GlobeMed network, believes in collaboration to provide health for all. The clinic employs a truly holistic approach in providing health care through education, active participation, and collective decision- making.

Following its establishment, Clinica Ana Manganaro has offered a wide range of services including: primary health care, physical therapy, educational outreach, and water sanitation projects. Clinic staff members make home visits to citizens in the community to ensure healthy living practices, promote environmental health, and help provide clean water. Since Fall 2010, the GlobeMed chapter at University of Texas – Austin has raised a total of over $20,000 to help improve the sanitation and hygiene of those who live in the Guarjila community.

This year, GlobeMed at UT-Austin and CAM are collaborating on a Community Health Center for the community of Guarjila. As opposed to previous projects, the health center will focus on preventative health. The center will be used for educational talks to different populations in Guarjila such as pregnant women, teenagers, and the elderly for special talks such as Dengue prevention, hygienic practices, violence prevention, and sex education. The space will also be used for health campaigns that CAM will have such as HIV prevention and vaccination campaigns..

GlobeMed at UT Austin hopes to raise $15,000 this year for Clinica Ana Manganaro’s Community Health Center. The Community Health Clinic will promote preventative health programs and create a safe and central location for CAM to gather the 5,000 adults and children of Guarjila and the surrounding areas.

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