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GlobeMed at Washington University in St. Louis partners with Uganda Development and Health Associates in Iganga, Uganda to promote reproductive health and youth empowerment.

GlobeMed at Washington University in St. Louis + Uganda Development and Health Associates

GlobeMed at Washington University in St. Louis | St. Louis, Missouri

Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA) | Iganga, Uganda

Key Fact
16% of children under five are underweight and 12% of women are malnourished in Uganda.

“I learned valuable lessons such as we cannot save the world by merely building clinics and sending donated medications; we must address the underlying problems that have lead to inaccessible healthcare and oppression; only then we will see sustainable change.”
– Katherine Palmer, WashU in St. Louis ’14

About the Partnership
Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA) is an NGO that was formed in 2003 to provide reproductive health, youth empowerment, child health, and HIV/AIDS services in the districts of Iganga, Mayuge, and Luuka. UDHA’s mission is “to engage a multi-sectoral approach and professional approach with strong community participation and ownership for the enhancement of reproductive health, rights, and empowerment for young people.” Since 2008, the GlobeMed chapter at Washington University in St. Louis has raised over $33,000 to support UDHA’s initiatives.


In an effort to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality arising from malnutrition, the Nutrition Project uses a community health worker model to educate and empower families in Bukooma sub-county of Luuka District to adopt healthier nutritional practices. Community Health Workers conduct community outreaches and individual household visits to monitor pregnancies and child development, perform cooking demonstrations, encourage home gardening, promote food hygiene, and facilitate dialogues surrounding community health. Recently, the project has begun partnering with local primary schools, supporting the development of demonstration gardens and health clubs to ensure that children are educated about the importance of nutrition and proper sanitation and hygiene practices from a young age.

In Iganga, UDHA runs a Youth Center that educates youth about HIV/AIDS, other communicable diseases, and reproductive health by partnering with local schools to train peer educators and install confidential question boxes.

GlobeMed at WashU hopes to raise $22,000 this year for UDHA’s Nutrition Projection and Youth Resource Center. Through the support of these funds, UDHA will have an increased capacity to train more community health workers and peer educators. In turn, UDHA will be able to reach and serve more of the surrounding population. Additionally, a portion of this funding will go to shipping over $104,000 worth of donated medical supplies in order to better serve the community’s health needs.

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