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GlobeMed at Wayne State partners with KIHEFO in Kabale, Uganda to support nutritional feeding and sustainable agriculture programs.

GlobeMed at Wayne State University + KIHEFO

Wayne State University + KIHEFO

GlobeMed at Wayne State University | Detroit, Michigan

Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) | Kabale, Uganda

Key Fact
Although the Kabale District is in a very fertile area, nearly 40 percent of its population is malnourished. This affects children the most since they are most vulnerable to disease. KIHEFO aims to address this issue in a partnership-oriented, sustainable manner.

“It’s now time for you to join me to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in Africa by using community based solutions. Community involvement has a lasting impact, one that cannot be easily forgotten.”
– Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo, President & Founder of KIHEFO

About the Partnership
Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) was founded in 2000 to address the growing problem of poor nutrition in Uganda’s Kabale District. KIHEFO’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Center supports nutrition for children under the direct care of their mother. Weekly follow-up examinations assess the health of each child until they reach stable levels of essential proteins, fats, and vitamins. KIHEFO also targets the source of malnutrition through community health worker programs that educate and train mothers in sustainable agriculture programs that optimize food production, thereby improving nutrition in the whole community. Globemed at Wayne State directly support these initiatives. Our guarantee is that 100 percent of all funds go directly to support the project led by community members in conjunction with KIHEFO Staff. Since 2012, we have raised nearly $1200 for KIHEFO’s projects, and we want to expand our horizons this year.

GlobeMed at Wayne State and KIHEFO are working together on a nutrition feeding program, which provides daily meals of vegetables, fresh fruits, milk products, and more. They are also collaborating on a nutrition survey to follow up with child patients, and a sustainable agriculture project to purchase bags and seedlings for make kitchen gardens.

This year, GlobeMed at Wayne State University aims to raise $5000 to provide essential nutrition supplements for 120 children in the Kabale District of Uganda. These programs are critical in order for the children to have proper intake of vitamins and minerals. This project also includes a follow-up nutrition survey in the villages outside Kabale, along with much-needed agri-inputs training and education to mothers of the affected children.

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