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GlobeMed at Whitman College partners with Burma Humanitarian Mission in Eastern Burma to support community based healthcare & education projects to improve lives.

GlobeMed at Whitman College + Burma Humanitarian Mission

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GlobeMed at Whitman College | Walla Walla, Washington

Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM) | Eastern Burma

Key Fact
One in five children in Eastern Burma die before their fifth birthday.

BHM is excited to pair with GlobeMed and students from Whitman College to implement a program that responds to both the medical and educational needs of displaced people along the Thai-Burma border.  The creation of a vocational health curriculum at Minmahaw School represents three of BHMs biggest values:  providing education that empowers independence within the ethnic communities of Burma, increasing positive health outcomes for villagers who have been displaced by the ongoing military brutality in Burma, and responsiveness to the requests of our partner-organizations by supporting the programs that they feel are of greatest benefit to their people. – Jennifer Zurick, Executive Director of BHM

About the Partnership
Burma Humanitarian Mission supports community based health-care and education projects that improve the lives of the people of Burma. They believe in supporting the people of Burma in developing their own solutions. As such, BHM responds to local initiatives, providing the support the people of Burma ask for. BHM was founded in 1999 and currently partners with the Backpack Medic Teams to train two-thirds of all new backpack medics in eastern Burma.

GlobeMed at Whitman funds a health vocational class at the Minmahaw Education Foundation Post-10 School. This health vocational class will provide young scholars with a comprehensive understanding of their bodies, basic first aid, and public health measures. After graduating from Minmahaw, students may go on to continue their education university, find jobs in the city, or return to their home villages. Regardless of their future plans, the knowledge and skills from the health class will be helpful in providing holistic preventative health education.


GlobeMed at Whitman aims to raise $5,000 this year for Burma Humanitarian Mission’s health and education initiatives. Funds will directly support the continuation of the vocational health class at Minmahaw School and fund backpack medic teams that provide primary medical services to rural people of ethnic minorities in Burma. These programs will support future leaders in addressing issues faced by local communities as well as provide direct services that are needed to immediately address health inequities in the region.

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Read GlobeMed at Whitman College’s annual report and donate to their cause. Interested in joining the chapter? Contact [email protected].

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