Reflecting on the 2018 GROW Institute

Words: David Guirgis, Photos: Nia Adurogbola

On a Sunday afternoon, a large convergence of students gathered ...

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2017 GROW Photo Contest: Grand Prize & People’s Choice Winners

Every year, the GlobeMed Global Headquarters hosts a GROW Photo Contest to share some of the most powerful images fro...

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#GROWCommunity17: Bright Future

Author: Malu Satheesh

The moment we stepped out of the Bhubaneswar airport into the hot, humid air of Odisha, ...

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#GROWCommunity17: Just a Few Meters Longer

Author: Ellie Esbrook

“Just a few meters longer” Prasant Jie said, as he looked off into the loopi...

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#GROWCommunity 17: The Little Things

Author: Reena Goswami

Once when I was working in the pharmacy, a young woman carrying her baby brought a presc...

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#GROWCommunity17: I Don’t Want Riches

Author: Charlene Kotei

During my internship in Ayacucho, Peru I began to actually understand the core mission...

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#GROWCommunity17: Sylbina’s Story: Community Health Promotion in Rural Nicaragua

Author: Erin Burman

When Sylbina was just seventeen years old, she volunteered to leave her rural community in...

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#GROWCommunity17: Mrs. Toch Mabb

Mrs. Toch Mabb is the CSV (Community Support Volunteer) for her community. She sells palm tree fruit as well as veget...

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Promoting GlobeMed Partnerships at the Grassroots Level

Ask anyone about how GlobeMed makes an impact in global health, and you will get several answers. Some people say tha...

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#GROWCommunity17: Meet Nai Boy

Author: Michelle Rodriguez

Pictured above are Nai Boy, 26, and his four-year-old daughter. Ten years ago when ...

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