2017 Summit Speaker Spotlight: We Are The Leaders We’ve Been Looking For

By Aisha Fukushima, founder of

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“Because of GlobeMed…”

I’m living my dream right now. As a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Broad Street Maps, I work every day to br...

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GlobeMed Alumni Returning Home to Evanston

Since our founding in 2006, GlobeMed has had thousands of vibrant and energetic students pass through our chapters, l...

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Value at Every Tier of Leadership

GlobeMed’s organizational structure is based on a partnership model in which university chapters are paired wit...

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What Can I Bring to the Table?

As a business major (Marketing) at the McCombs School of Business, there are certain concepts that are reinstated in ...

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Why Would I Care?

About a year ago, that was my response to the idea of volunteering my time to help other people. All throughout high ...

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Pragmatic Solidarity + Global Health Equity = GlobeMed

Ramen noodles. Untouched laundry. Coupon aficionados. These fragmented thoughts encompass the profile of a typical...

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