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#GROWCommunity17: New Beginnings

Author: Keyonna Evans

Today I watched a live birth and my life changed. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew...

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Helping Our Partner: Cyclone Recovery in Odisha, India

A near super-cyclone with winds exceeding 200 km/hr struck our partner community in Odisha on Saturday, October 12th....

Oct 22, 2013 | Read the Full Story  ►

Stories from the Field: Dreaming Big with Health Alert-Uganda

In the summer of 2008, a 19-year-old student named Bianca Nguyen arrived in Gulu, Uganda. A founding member of

Dec 20, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

Stories From the Field: Answering One Call

On my first day in Gulu, I began my visits to GlobeMed’s Ugandan partner organizations with Gulu Women’s Economi...

Dec 13, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

Thousands of friends around the world: Sarah Phillips on visiting partners in Africa

As co-president of GlobeMed at Colorado College...

Dec 11, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

Stories From the Field: Arriving in Gulu

How it all began

In May 2010, the day after graduating from Barnard College, I boarded my first flight to Uganda. A ...

Dec 3, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

GROWing Around the World: Updates from the Field

One of the most unique aspects of the GlobeMed model is our partnerships.  Each summer, a handful of students from e...

Jun 11, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

GROW Training Manual spotlight: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

In Week 8, the GROW Training Manual addresses monitoring and evaluation (M&E), a crucial part of gathering tangib...

Feb 8, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

Introducing the Grassroots On-site Work (GROW) Training Manual!

GlobeMed’s Grassroots On-Site Work (GROW) internship program is making unprecedented advancements. More than 1...

Feb 7, 2012 | Read the Full Story  ►

Partner Selection Process

Back at GlobeMed HQ in Evanston, Evan R and I are hard at work evaluating the Partnership Proposals we received from ...

Jul 25, 2011 | Read the Full Story  ►