Introducing GlobeMed’s 2017 Annual Report!

2017 has been an incredible year for GlobeMed. We are a dynamic network of more than 2,000 students at 60 university ...

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GlobeMed blogpost in the HuffPost

by Brittany Zelch

This summer, I had the pleasure of visiting ten GlobeMed grassroots partner organizations in...

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GlobeMed feature in Borgen Magazine

Director of Communications, Balungile Belz, recently spoke with Brock Hall at Borgen Magazine about GlobeMed’s ...

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#GROWCommunity17: Sylbina’s Story: Community Health Promotion in Rural Nicaragua

Author: Erin Burman

When Sylbina was just seventeen years old, she volunteered to leave her rural community in...

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#GROWCommunity17: Mrs. Toch Mabb

Mrs. Toch Mabb is the CSV (Community Support Volunteer) for her community. She sells palm tree fruit as well as veget...

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#GROWCommunity17: Meet Nai Boy

Author: Michelle Rodriguez

Pictured above are Nai Boy, 26, and his four-year-old daughter. Ten years ago when ...

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Developing 21st Century Leaders for Global Health: Spelman, Morehouse, and Light for Children

Another month, another video! We’re excited to share our ...

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Now Hiring: Director of Partnerships

GlobeMed is seeking a Director of Partnerships to join our Global Headquarters on the campus of Northwestern Universi...

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Changing the Way Change Happens: A Human Approach

At the 2014 East Africa Partner Forum, we took a risk.

We tested a hypothesis that had for...

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“Because of GlobeMed…”

I’m living my dream right now. As a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Broad Street Maps, I work every day to br...

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