2017 GROW Photo Contest: Grand Prize & People’s Choice Winners

Every year, the GlobeMed Global Headquarters hosts a GROW Photo Contest to share some of the most powerful images fro...

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Promoting GlobeMed Partnerships at the Grassroots Level

Ask anyone about how GlobeMed makes an impact in global health, and you will get several answers. Some people say tha...

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Partner Forum in the Americas: Using Partnerships to Catalyze Growth

Why do we love our partnerships so much? Because they give us the space to share experiences, knowledge, and relatio...

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GlobeMed Partner Forum in the Americas / Foro de los Socios

In Solidarity: Partnerships for Radical Change It’s rare that we have the opportunity to gather in a space to refle...

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Uniting Grassroots Changemakers

Dear Friends of GlobeMed,

Nine years ago, a Northwestern University student named Victor Roy traveled to Ghana...

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Together, We Will Beat the Odds

“Development” is a funny thing. It’s impossible to measure, but it’s also impossible to ignore when it hits y...

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Hope and Health in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is no stranger to suffering and resilience. A long and deadly conflict between the Sandinista government an...

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Introducing Our New GROW Training Website!

GROW (GrassRoots On-site Work) is an integral part of GlobeMed’s model. Every year, 2-5 interns from each chapt...

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Summer Intern Interview Series: Caroline Nguyen, Partnerships

We are excited to welcome Caroline Nguyen to the GlobeMed summer intern family from UCLA. She joins us after her GROW...

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Part-time job available at GlobeMed’s National Office: Partnerships Coordinator

Partnerships Coordinator Position Description

[Email [email protected]

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