Dec 30, 2016

Why are we forming a GlobeMed Alumni Association?

Editorial Note: With much excitement, GlobeMed announced the formation of the GlobeMed Alumni Association on Dec. 30th in a message to all students and alumni. To provide additional context on the story and purpose behind this Association, the leaders of the burgeoning group put together this blog post.

During the 10th Anniversary Summit last year, alumni met and began thinking about how GlobeMed has grown over the years and where we might be heading as a network. GlobeMed has expanded to 58 universities and invested over $2.4 million in partner projects all around the world. We now have over 2,000 active students in the network and 4,000+ alumni at work in the real world, with over 500 graduating every year.

While the network has grown and developed over the years, so have we. Alumni have gone on to do incredible things — starting their own organizations, becoming doctors, or joining organizations to fight for social justice, better health systems, and brighter futures. As time goes by, there will be even more talented young professionals that join our ranks and older generations will gain more experience, social capital, and access to resources that can address the health inequities that persist .

We want to make an Alumni Association that will provide tools for us to continually support the GlobeMed network, grow professionally, fight for social justice, and develop strategies to address global health issues around the world. This will also lay the groundwork for years to come. In the next 10 years, it’s possible that there will be over 15,000 other GlobeMed alumni that have become doctors, lawyers, executive directors, and policy makers. The investments in strengthening our alumni network today have huge potential to build a community that has the resources, talent, and insight to transform health systems on a global scale.

Our initial purpose behind the Association is to provide a structure for GlobeMed alumni to continually engage in the movement by:

• Amplifying social impact

• Creating a sustainable source of funding for the GM network

• Creating alumni programming that enables collaboration, education and movement building

As we launch the Alumni Association in its inaugural year of 2017, we want to hit the ground running with four ambitious and concrete projects to foster engagement and produce tangible outcomes that we can build on.

The Fundraising Committee will develop a 12-month campaign to increase alumni participation in GlobeMed Global Headquarters’ organizational funding.

Knowledge & Skills-Sharing Committee will provide opportunities for alumni to learn, connect, and collaborate. Our first project: help build a Summit Alumni Track.

Student Support Committee will provide best practices, conflict resolution, and mentorship to students across the network.

Advocacy Committee over the next 3 months will design a campaign using the strategies that some of the most important movements of our time are using (BlackLivesMatter, Fossil Free Divestment, Immigrant Rights) to challenge the status quo and demand dignity and justice.

There are so many challenges ahead of us in 2017, as a network and as a movement. This is your opportunity to help build our alumni network into something robust and to take these challenges head on!

If you are interested in joining one of the above committees please fill out this this short form and we will reach out to you shortly to welcome you to the team!

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2 Responses to Why are we forming a GlobeMed Alumni Association?
Carly Hammonds says: February 19, 2017 at 10:39 am

I am interested in joining the Alumni Association. I was a member and Co-President of the Spelman College chapter. I have been looking for ways to stay involved with GlobeMed since I graduated. I would love to receive more information on how to join. Thanks!

GlobeMed says: February 20, 2017 at 10:50 am

Hi Carly,

Thanks a lot for your message. We are so excited that you would like to keep in touch with the GlobeMed network!

Please email [email protected] and cc me [email protected] so I can follow up if there’s a need.

Have a happy World Day of Social Justice!

Balungile Belz
Director of Communications


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