Mar 15, 2018

Naomi Sugar Transitions Out of Role as GlobeMed Executive Director

Statement from the Board of Directors:

On behalf of the GlobeMed Board of Directors,  it is with mixed emotions that we announce that Naomi Sugar will be stepping down as the Executive Director of the organization. Naomi came to GlobeMed with great passion and focus on global health, which has been invaluable to our organization. She’s been a true champion of the frontlines of GlobeMed, global health, and health equity. We are sorry to see her go, thankful for her contributions, and wish her well as she continues to pursue a career in global health.

During this transition period, we have appointed Brittany Zelch as Interim Executive Director. Brittany brings the GlobeMed story to life – moving from a chapter – GlobeMed at Northwestern University – to Global Headquarters. Her roles have kept her close to the GlobeMed network and partners, with deep appreciation for what our chapters, students, and grassroots partners achieve together to advance health equity. Please join me in welcoming Brittany to this role.

– Paurvi Bhatt, Chair of the GlobeMed Board of Directors

Naomi Sugar’s Farewell Letter:

Dear GlobeMed network,

It is with a heavy heart that I tender my voluntary resignation as Executive Director at GlobeMed, effective March 15, 2018. Coming to this decision has been challenging for me, and I am truly sad to be leaving this wonderful organization. I am honored, and humbled, to have served in this role, and am moved by the passion and commitment of our network.

During my time at GlobeMed, I have learned a great deal about the power of our network. I have been inspired by the passion of our students, grassroots leaders, alumni, and collaborators, such as yourselves, who work together to shape the global health landscape of the future.

As I reflect on my time at GlobeMed, I think about my recent conversations with a GlobeMed alumnus, who told me that being part of GlobeMed gave him a sense of community on campus. Through globalhealthU discussions, he was able to distill big questions in global health, and learn how to explore the intersections between what he learned in the classroom and what he saw in the world beyond his studies. For him, GlobeMed was a way of taking the energy that college students have to offer and translating that energy into action to really make a difference in people’s lives – at the student level through chapters across the US and at partner sites across the world.

GlobeMed is an opportunity to develop leaders across sectors who come together with a shared interest in global health. We do this because expanding the GlobeMed model – partnering students and grassroots leaders to form a collaborative global network to advance health equity – means that we can contribute to building healthier communities. As GlobeMed affirms in its 10 things we know to be true – we can achieve health for all if we work together.

Thank you to the Board of Directors, led by Paurvi Bhatt, for their unwavering support during my time and transition, and to the staff for their tremendous dedication and service to our network. Together, you have transformed the conversation surrounding global health and empowered thousands of students and partners to inspire change.

I am grateful and hopeful that our paths will continue to cross given our mutual commitment to collaboratively advancing health equity.

With GlobeMed love,



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