Global Health Fellows Program II works to develop and support a diverse, future generation of global health professionals.


In 2012, GlobeMed launched a collaboration with the Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II, a five year cooperative agreement that supports the US Agency for International Development (USAID)’s immediate and emerging human capital needs by developing a diverse, culturally competent group of global health professionals at all career levels. GHFP-II is implemented and managed by the Public Health Institute (PHI) in partnership with Global Health Corps, GlobeMed, Management Systems International and PYXERA Global.

Since 2012, GHFP-II has increased GlobeMed’s ability to recruit and engage the next generation of global health leaders. We are grateful for this partnership and excited to see our students flourish with the support of this collaboration.


Since 2012, GHFP-II has achieved incredible gains:

• GlobeMed has increased the ethnic diversity of its student network by 64%
• GHFP-II have supported 376 GROW interns
• GlobeMed has increased the ethnic diversity of its GROW interns by 219%
• GlobeMed has expanded its network to include ten Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)
75% of college graduates who received a GROW Internship grant from GHFP-II have gone on to work or continue studies in the field of global health


The Global Health Fellows Program II works to enhance the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) efforts to advance diversity in international development by connecting underrepresented communities—often African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders, Veterans and people living with disabilities—with careers in global health.

Using a pipeline approach with two of its four partners that focuses on entry-level professionals, undergraduates, and high school students, GHFP-II, with prime implementer Public Health Institute (PHI), takes a life-cycle approach to building the next generation of diverse global health professionals. GHFP-II engages with future global health leaders from the moment they are able to make career choices, helping them broaden their options and pursue their interest in global health.

GlobeMed plays a key role in GHFP-II’s life-cycle approach by connecting undergraduate students with leadership development and in-country immersion experiences in global health. In this effort, GlobeMed works to recruit and support undergraduate students at Minority Serving Institutions from demographic backgrounds underrepresented in global health professions. Through this partnership, students develop the key competencies—including interpersonal effectiveness, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration—needed for a successful career in global health.

Together, GHFP-II and GlobeMed seek to build an inclusive movement for global health equity that develops talented undergraduates into 21st Century leaders for global health. We engage in this work in key areas:

“The internship has made me want to continue doing this type of work in the future. With graduation right around the corner, I’m eager to figure out what I can do next with my career.”
– Maya McAllister, Morgan State University, GHFP-II Supported Intern

• Outreach

GHFP-II has made an investment in engaging with minority, underserved, and underrepresented communities to identify and strengthen opportunities for a career in global health.

• Internships

GHFP-II supports undergraduate students by facilitating global health Grassroots On-Site Work (GROW) internships with an organization working in low resource settings.

• Leadership Development

GlobeMed works to educate and train student advocates for global health equity. In this process students who are passionate about global health equity develop the competencies needed to tackle complex global health challenges. 

To learn more about our work diversifying the global health workforce, view our video Developing 21st Century Leaders for Global Health: Florida International University + Escuela de la Calle.