our approach
We pair each university-based GlobeMed chapter with a unique organization already improving the health of its community. Year after year, these students and grassroots leaders collaborate on projects that deepen and expand the organization's impact. The Result: organizations with a greater capacity to serve their community and a generation of young people equipped to transform the world.

We partner students with grassroots organizations to address health disparities.

We educate and train student advocates for global health equity.

We build a movement of people who believe in health and justice for all.

How it Works

GlobeMed matches each university chapter with a unique grassroots
organization for a multi-year partnership. Together, they design projects
to improve the partner community's health. Here's a typical year:

Communicate often

Students and partners talk via Skype, email, or phone and build a strong relationship.


Define a project

In the fall of every year, each partnership jointly defines a project that meets a crucial need in the community.


Mobilize & learn

Students mobilize essential resources for the project's success while learning and training to become advocates for global health.



Partner organizations receive 100% of proceeds raised by GlobeMed chapters. Using these funds, partners implement the project in their own community.

  • Maternal
  • Water Sanitation
    & Hygiene
  • Income
  • Nutrition
  • Communicable
    Disease Prevention
  • Capacity

Prenatal care, reproductive health education, family planning services


Water filtration, water pumps and tanks, toilet and latrine construction


Skills-building workshops, livestock and seed lending, craft initiatives


Community gardens, food supplements, agricultural support, education


HIV services, sexual health education, community health worker programs


Operational support, transportation, hospital wing construction, technology, training


Evaluate and plan ahead

During the summer, students intern on-site with their partner organization and evaluate impact. Together, students and grassroots leaders plan their project for the following year.

our impact

Since 2007, we've grown
to 59 university-based chapters and partner organizations across 4 continents. Our students have raised over two million dollars to support community-driven public health initiatives worldwide, improving the lives of people living in poverty.