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We partner with established, high-impact organizations already transforming the health of their communities. Read below to find out how to become a GlobeMed partner.

Prospective Partner Organizations

Interested in becoming a GlobeMed
partner organization?

Throughout the past decade of working with community leaders around the world, GlobeMed has seen the transformative potential of grassroots organizations harnessing the power of their own communities to drive the change they need. We believe that the best way to achieve lasting change is to shift power and resources to those grassroots organizations.

At GlobeMed, we partner each university-based student chapter with an exemplary grassroots organization in a long-term partnership to advance local solutions to health.

What kind of organizations do we partner with?

GlobeMed partners with grassroots organizations. A grassroots organization is an organization led by grassroots leaders, who are people from the very community the organization serves or who has long-term ties to that community. They know, intimately, their beneficiaries’ needs because they share their beneficiaries’ lived experiences.

GlobeMed’s partner organizations assign local grassroots leaders as primary contacts for their university chapters. This way, the grassroots leaders can share first-hand knowledge about their communities and act as mentors to GlobeMed students.

What makes a partner organization exemplary?

In the past 10 years of working with many talented grassroots leaders of partner organizations, GlobeMed has identified four characteristics that make a partner organization exemplary:

✓ Target root causes: An exemplary organization does not implement stand-alone projects or provide band-aid solutions. Rather, exemplary organizations understand how every project fits together to form a larger change strategy. They target the root causes that are driving poverty and sickness in their community and work to challenge the regional, national and/or global systems that create and perpetuate inequity.

✓ Amplify community voices: An exemplary organization not only knows the community’s needs but also engages the community in every stage of their programs. Exemplary organizations give community members positions of power in the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects.

✓ Focus on mission: An exemplary organization focuses on their mission and knows when to turn down support that detracts them from their mission.
Committed to learning: An exemplary organization uses a rigorous evaluation strategy to test assumptions, pilot project models, and develop strategies tailored to their goals and community.

What is the focus of our partners’ work?

At GlobeMed, we understand the concept of health holistically. We see health as far beyond access to a hospital or to medicine. We believe any experience of oppression and marginalization negatively affects health. Oppression and marginalization occur when economic, political, legal, and social systems take power from one group while concentrating it in another – based on factors like ability, age, country of origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, immigration status, mental health, race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or socioeconomic class.

An organization that works to uplift oppressed communities is working toward health for all. Examples of this work include increasing access to education, fighting for civil rights and liberties, creating income generation opportunities, restoring environmental health, among others.

What are the requirements to partner with us?

✓ Established NGO: GlobeMed partner organizations must have NGO registration in their respective country or in the country where the organization has a fundraising office.

✓ Strong foundation: GlobeMed partner organizations have at least two other long-term sources of funding and typically have budgets between $80,000 and $800,000. Additionally, they have at least two full-time paid, local staff members.

✓ Student mentorship: GlobeMed partner organizations are led by grassroots leaders who act as mentors to students and commit to an ongoing process of mutual learning. They also have the capacity to host students on-site for at least three weeks and are located in secure areas.

✓ Active and engaged communication: GlobeMed partner organizations have access to internet or phone and have an interest in communicating frequently.

✓ Interested in joining a network: GlobeMed partner organizations are active participants of an ever-growing network of students, global health leaders, and supporters.

Ready to apply? Please fill out the GlobeMed Partnership Proposal here (versión en español aquí).