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We believe that change happens through the power of human relationships. Because of this belief, we build long-term partnerships between students and grassroots organizations.

Long-term Partnership: GlobeMed at UCin + Social Action for Women

Each of GlobeMed’s chapters is partnered with a unique grassroots organization. Year after year, chapters and their partner organizations design projects to improve the partner community’s health. Through on-going communication and mutual learning, they develop a relationship that serves as the foundation for successful collaboration and health impact. Here’s the story of one of the partnerships in our network. 

Since 1948, political conflict and violence have forced hundreds of thousands of Burmese people to seek refuge in Thailand. Living in a country foreign to their own, many are undocumented and have little access to healthcare, education, and fair labor. Since 2000, Social Action for Women (SAW) has been working to protect Burmese refugees and migrant women and children. GlobeMed at UC partners with SAW to provide health care, health education, and a better life for thousands of Burmese immigrants.

A look at 5 years of partnership →

Since September of 2011, SAW has been responding to health issues in partnership with GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati. Through the Community Health Outreach Program (CHOP), SAW provides health education to Burmese communities through workshops organized and led by community peer educators and SAW staff.



“We would like to implement our project alongside university students, as [they] will assist us in the areas of fundraising, advocacy, communicating with potential donors, and giving technical support to the staff involved in project implementation.”
Mr. Ko Myo, SAW Project Coordinator

Since GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati’s start in 2011, it has raised over $46,000 for its partner and sent a total of 21 students to intern in Thailand. This year it has set its fundraising goal at $10,000 and will be sending 5 more students to Mae Sot to work directly with SAW to strengthen and sustain the partnership that is so vital to GlobeMed’s mission. GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati’s project will directly impact 5,500 Burmese migrants in Thailand and will indirectly impact approximately 1,500 more. These impacts will be achieved by identifying health education focus areas and planning workshops to meet the health needs of communities in the Mae Sot area.

SAW aims to provide medical care to 58 communities by mobilizing a Mobile Medical Team and to train 20 additional Peer Educators, who will help to increase community reproductive and basic preventative health knowledge through the workshops that will take place in their own communities. SAW’s key target groups for this phase of the project are men and women ages 15-45 in the Phop Phra area and Burmese migrant students from 7 schools in Phop Phra.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, the GlobeMed at UC and Social Action for Women partnership aims to increase the number of Peer Educators to satisfy the ever-growing need for health education in the Phop Phra region and to make health and safety a possibility for more and more people. GlobeMed at UC will be working in solidarity with SAW to maintain the strong sense of partnership that has been in place for the past 5 years. It hopes to continue to be able to support SAW in a variety of ways, whether that may be financially or through an increased focus on advocacy that it plans to implement in the coming years.